How to Wash Fishing Waders

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Fishing waders are your best friend if you catch fish regularly or catch fish during camping. Your adventure becomes more enjoyable; however, you don’t buy waders for every time you fish. Taking care of waders can help you save some bucks; but, many people don’t know how to wash their fishing waders. Here I will give you some simple steps to wash your waders. One thing before the steps of washing; some waders are not suitable for machine washing and some are not washable by hand. So, take note and follow the suitable steps for your fishing waders.

Washing in Machine

Probably, this is the easiest way as the machine does everything for you. Before starting, assure that your waders mention on the user manual about machine wash-ability. After confirming, follow the steps below:


Step: 1

Zipper Closure: Make sure all the zippers of your waders are tied up. It will secure the zipper from extra pressure in the machine.


Step: 2

Detergent Use: Choose the detergent accordingly. Some detergents affect the color of the waders. Give the proper amount of detergent in the machine.


Step: 3

Mode Selection: Mode selection is important; the machine will act according to the instruction you give though the keys. Select ‘Low Load’ mode; so that it cleans the waders accurately.

 Step: 4

Let it dry: If you can get sun, it makes your waders dry and removes all the smells; windy place is also a good suit for drying. Assure it dries fully. No wet smell comes out.


Washing in machine means to do the right thing right time and to give the right direction to machine; and, it works for you. However, you can also wash with hand.


Washing with Hand

Some of the researches said that this is the best option for a fishing wader. Washing in hand ensures that the waders don’t get much pressure and corrosion during washing. Besides, any type of cleaner works great. Follow the steps:

1.      Take some detergents and stir it in water

2.      Place your fishing waders in the detergent water and make sure it is completely wet

3.      Stir the waders for giving the detergent to enter into it

4.      Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes

5.      Wash with fresh water several times to remove all detergent

6.      Give it in the sun for drying


Following these easy steps, anyone can wash their fishing waders and no worry if you don’t have a washing machine. However, for those who prefer washing machine, read the user manual before washing wader in machine and ensure that you can operate the machine as the way your wader requires. But, hand washing is safe though it takes time and energy. I wash my fishing wader myself with hand every time.

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