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Any southern fishermen can have this group to talk about there trips. All southern fishermen join this group.

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Happy Day Today Sport Fishing Fort Lauderdale Happy Day Today
Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak   William Hartmen from Kansas City chartered the Topshotfishing team to do some deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Winds were out of the east at 5-9 mph and seas running 3-4 ft., temperatures in the high 80’s.   Mr. Hartmen’s wife decided to do some shopping at the mall but William preferred to go out fishing with us instead.  Fifteen minutes after leaving the dock lines were in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, located 1.8 miles from shore.  We went right into trolling with two plainers down, one with a double hooked Mullet strip in front of a purple and black sea witch; the other with a double hooked Bonito strip with a chartreuse sea witch in front.  For surface baits we had two Ballyhoos and one Bonito strip.    With over 36 artificial wreck that sit off of Ft. Lauderdale ranging from 60
Basseeker12 » so recently the weather has been perfect to go outside and go fishing. so as always i'll be hitting the water soon (shooting for next weekend but time isn't as expendable as I wish) and be shooting for largemouth bass or striped bass. the Fishing & Boat Expo here was a good source of getting good items often sometimes cheaper than stores and sometimes homemade and original designed baits. If you are having a Expo around you do plan on going you may find something that catches your eye. I found a special designed spinnnerbait to where the hook rattled and the jig head held it in place giving it more of a vibration attractiveness to fish. but now I will hopefully hit the water and get my first bass of the year. Best Wishes and Tight Lines- Basseeker12
Basseeker12 2014 Spring Bass Season & Spawn
So as I continue to warm up and get ready for the spring weather and season to set upon me I make my predictions on what I can and may expect to see. these are the few or majority I may come to find when I return to a spot and what you may also come to find when this season starts. 1. Structure changes: if you aren't always a periodic person to go to a spot during a "off season" you may find more, or new debris in your spots. these aren't always a problem but don't be confused as you may already know how to deal with this.    2. Spring commonly has water levels high but are at a mix of lows from time to time. ready. be prepared to lose a bait or anything remembrance of an item would help lost items and what ever goes in the water of course has the chance to get lost ( including the fish in whole ). and 4. have fun and relax this makes this sport worth while as does getting a big'n or winning a tournament always re
Basseeker12 » So cold weather has me off the water and locked away in the warmth. as I presume most would do also unless you are lucky enough to go ice fishing. I am making a list of lures and baits I will soon buy so that I can be ready this spring and spawn season. I have barely gone fishing during spawn and this year I want to be the very few that I do. my know how and eye of detail of where I fish tell me where I may find a few beds of Largemouths. other than floaters, spinnerbaits, and a hard (or soft plastic) crawdad are my may brain selection next to the colors I can figure that at the water. ill also pull out my good ol' shaky head worm with scented glow dye for added attraction and see if a bait true ever does lose its worth. Keep warm-- Basseeker12
Basseeker12 Old Hickory Lake, TN spot closed
well to my shocking surprise a spot in Old Hickory lake has been closed do to water pollution from a quarry. not sure its a quarry but overall I is close enough to pollute the water with its exhaust and product waste. so this once favorite spot possible for many local fisherman in Nashville has been closed. the worst part it wont be back till 2016 so two years from now that spot will be back. this hasn't affected me but awareness to pollution to lakes isn't something I don't always see in the newspaper. and plus the Bassmaster tournaments happen on this lake and army engineers work on this lake in multiple ways may it be repairs or training on the lake. so as those do get to continue the fishing in a moderate area of the lake is blocked off.                   &nbsp
Basseeker12 » well im back and Florida was awesome when coming to deep sea fishing id love to visit other coastal states and do deep sea fishing. overall I was happy the captain was very professional with me not knowing the best about deep sea fishing. so we got to our spot far enough to the taller buildings were in sight. he scanned for a while to see where the fish where held up. once then he got the rods ready and baited and me and my stepdad put our baits in the water. he got the first hookup but he didn't feel well and just let the captain do the fishing. I got hooked o a fish after 5 failed attempts. the amount of fish I caught was awesome I loved the action and fight each big fish gave me I could feel the burn and pain in my wrist after a while and took about two brakes to rest up. I had caught at least 10 sharks 7 sea bass one snapper and two small bait fish. the fight against a shark got harder and harder after each one I pulled out of the water. so my opinion is this is a tough adventure to just get your sea legs I was sitting down the whole time afraid of the waves making me lose balance. but I did for one part of a fight with a sea bass and that's all I can say. the trip was great and honestly fun maybe in can go to lake Okeechobee in Florida next time and go head out for big largemouth bass worth putting in a tournament. tight lines and best wishes - Basseeker12
Basseeker12 » well the plan trip is going to wait. two weeks ago I got to go Saturday & Sunday and that in most weeks was a surprise. so those trips are my first and second fishing trips of the fall season here in Tennessee. so first day we looked around and fished a couple of places before we came to our last spot next to one of the two bridges with a good ledge to fish off of on the side of the creek. we threw out our lines as far and to our desired spot of the creek then as always at that spot I remembered the time I saw a bass almost strike my like tube bait when I was 7-9 years old so I tossed my line next to where the big tree was. but this year the huge fallen tree is gone with no signs of any remains besides one of its many branches still hanging on the broken underwater dam. once my bait was placed there I waited just a little and I felt the hit and the reaction of my hook set was done. this fish was huge and I tried to let him get him ore relaxed but that was not happening. once I lifted it on the rock my line snapped. I believe it was do to the knot or the sure weight and stress on the line. but point is I landed it and we picked it up ( mainly my dad held it ) and we looked inside its mouth to see he had swallowed the bait to the bottom of his gills. we both were struck with uncertainty and basic came to saying we cant get this out and so to my disappointment we had to set him free with the bait and hook lodged in his gills. so that was the only catch on Saturday and I led my dad in fish caught in the fall season. then came Sunday and we had gone to a couple and basicly almost every spot. we came to the bend we rarely go to. I had about four hits and one good hook up that came off and left me on a limb stuck in the water. that ticked me off because he felt big in size. then I got the one catch of the day again. it was almost the same weight as Saturday's fish but this one I could actually get the hook out. this of course means I have a two catch lead on my father for the fall season. well I have said all I can so I wish you the best out on the water. tight lines & best wishes - Basseeker12
Basseeker12 » so im predicting and hoping me and my uncle get to go fishing this weekend. it would be a great joy and plus the full moon is today I believe if not it is on Saturday. this is the time to go and I hope we can get the trip planned. ill post a prediction if we go this weekend.
Basseeker12 » well my last trip was with my father and to say he has been busy with his job. he has a very good position and has been going out of state and working. with not seeing him as often as I should these trips sometimes put him off track with seeing us. but when he gets me and my brother me and him almost always go fishing at our favorite little creek. and last week end I came up on top with two fish caught and Dad: zero. but minus that point it was also my first smallmouth bass I had ever caught and that was interesting cause when I pulled him out ha didn't have the dark green is was so accustom to and I had of course said this has to be a smallmouth. but I caught him in the shaded water under a tree with a powerbait swimbait minnow. and then I caught my fist one a spotted bass (I believe) under debris of the fallen trees in the water caught by the pillars of the concrete bridge. that sort of structure I could not believe cause I had not seen it since 5 year to where it had very little cover but still structure. and to come back to that and have it produce a strike made it all the better. the spotted I had caught was with my zoom blue tip crawlfish plastic. well I hope to be back soon with more trips and stories. best wishes and tight lines to all -Basseeker12
Basseeker12 » lately I had visited a creek of mine that I fish ever so often. it was late when I did so but that was not my matter of care. I had noticed that the water is finally back up but as water levels have it I don't think that it will be deep enough for a little while. I do keep up with local lakes and there water levels as provided by the newspaper. so ill keep close eye on when I think the water will be high enough to support the big bass I look for because lately the creek as been low. -tight lines to all -- Basseeker12
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