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Wanaka, , NZ
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About Aspiring Fly Fishing

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Aspiring Fly Fishing offers a variety of guided fly fishing packages, tailored to meet your goals, fly fishing abilities and fitness.

We will sight-fish, stalking up-stream, visually spotting each trout before deciding on our best approach and best suited technique to hook and land the trout.

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By Seamus on 7/28/2020 10:51:32 PM • Rank (29) • Views (29) •Comments(0)
So my last fish for 2018 on was a perch! A first me on the fly we’ve hooked a few whilst trolling the lake from the boat but never caught one on the fly. The New Zealand Perch came from the Tasmanian stock that were brought out from England in the 1870s. They are well established in both Otago and Southland and prefer the slower moving moving and s...

By Seamus on 7/28/2020 10:51:32 PM • Rank (25) • Views (25) •Comments(0)
Guided fly fishing in the South Island of New Zealand with Paul Macandrew

By Seamus on 7/28/2020 10:51:31 PM • Rank (27) • Views (85) •Comments(0)
I have been over twice now with Louie in the past month and seen several behemoth Rainbow trout caught by the canal walls both times the water clarity has been poor due to all the rain we received in May and the flows were very high we were told by other anglers. It seems to be the time to catch the big Rainbows as they get ready to spawn many of t...

By Seamus on 7/28/2020 10:51:31 PM • Rank (24) • Views (24) •Comments(0)
The level of Lake Wanaka has finally dropped so access to some of my favourite lake edge stalking spots is good. Louie and I set off early this morning with a box of freshly tied woolly buggers he had whipped up the night before we arrived to find a cool wind blowing down the lake luckily onto our backs. We rigged up and began scanning the shore li...

By Seamus on 7/28/2020 10:51:31 PM • Rank (23) • Views (23) •Comments(0)
Blood worms are the larvae of midge and they get their bright red coloration from the hemoglobin and oxygen that they hold in there bodie’s. They are commonly found in the softer sediment of our slower moving rivers (especially back waters ) lakes and pond’s through out New Zealand. As they get close to hatching they begin to slowly wiggle their wa...

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