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By Seamus on 3/21/2011 1:23:12 AM • Rank (227) • Views (251) •Comments(0)
This week we have a very special video. Ivo gave a full 45 minute seminar at the Somerset New Jersey fishing show in 2010. The topic was Fluke/Flounder fishing. If the video does not load you can view it here: Fluke Flounder Fishing Tips Seminar This video is the entire seminar and is LOADED with tips after [...]

By Seamus on 3/21/2011 1:23:12 AM • Rank (410) • Views (435) •Comments(0)
This next hard-bodied bait is another common and effective lure for bass fishing; the topwater lure (Be sure to check out Chapter 11.1 as it discusses the type size and colour of topwater lure that works best from shore). Topwater baits provide a combination of aggressive and finesse fishing and require a degree of technique. [...]

By Salty NC on 3/21/2011 • Rank (2309) • Views (2332) •Comments(0)
After a day of fishing offshore, instead of throwing your lures back in the tackle box to rust, spray them down with Pam cooking spray. This will not have the chemical scent that WD40 or other lubricants have, that will scare off fish. The original Pam cooking spray is made with canola oil and will protect your hooks and tackle from rusting.

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