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By CaptainDevin on 12/1/2012 • Rank (1701) • Views (2097) •Comments(0)
Hello Fishing Status! Captain Devin here! I wanted to post a link to a great article I wrote on my blog, Captain Devin's Louisiana Fishing Blog. The article is a technical write-up on how to use Google Earth to make custom routes and waypoints for your GPS, whether it is handheld or installed on your boat. It's easy to use as I wrote it step-by...

By xfernal on 10/14/2012 • Rank (6848) • Views (6880) •Comments(0)
We have updated our fishing maps. There are now over 240 US locations you can download GPS fishing spots to import into your navigation unit. All downloads include a GPX file full of the best fishing spots with coordinates for the area. If we missed your area, please let us know!

By xfernal on 8/6/2012 • Rank (2809) • Views (2848) •Comments(0)
We were “reel” busy last month, bringing you more tools to help you catch more fish. As we move into the dog days of summer, we wanted to share our new updates. Fishing Map We have updated our Fishing Map to include buoy, oil rig, and ship data. We also updated our Sea Surface Temperatures to include a better overlay of current SST ch...

By xfernal on 7/15/2012 • Rank (2355) • Views (2415) •Comments(0)
As we move into the new moon phase this week, our daytime fishing should pick up. If I could only fish 1 time this week, it would beThursday between 5 and 8 AM or 6 till 9 PM. Alternatively, 5 AM till 8 AM onWednesday or 6 till 9 PM Friday. Depending on weather conditions and thechanges in sea surface temperature, Wednesday- Friday should be the...

By xfernal on 6/30/2012 • Rank (8110) • Views (8158) •Comments(1)
Picking the right color fishing lure can be the difference between and good and bad day of fishing. We took the time to do the research for how colors appear in different clarity of water, weather conditions, seasons, and time of day. Using our fishing lure selector, you will find out techniques, types of lures, and the colors you should be using....

By xfernal on 4/30/2012 • Rank (2032) • Views (2157) •Comments(0)
I’ve been tweaking a little code I originally wrote to find sustained sea surface temperatures for the NC Coast. I now have the application processing each pixel of the AVHRR satellite image of the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico as they come in.  For the report, it is reviewing each pixel for the last 7 days and plotting any areas that...

By navillus on 7/11/2011 • Rank (9927) • Views (10461) •Comments(0)
NC Fishing Calendars

By xfernal on 11/17/2014 • Rank (14804) • Views (16612) •Comments(4)
I could not go fishing this weekend, so I decided to do a little research that some of you may find interesting. I took the dates of 545 World Record fish, and fed them to a moon phase calculator, to find the moon phase for each one. Here are the results: Full Moon 85 New Moon 84 First Quarter Moon 83 Waxing Gibbous Moon 69 Waning Gibbo...

By Seamus on 4/28/2011 10:47:46 AM • Rank (2065) • Views (2558) •Comments(0)
This week Ivo and Phil show you how they jig up fish after fish! They were jigging using all different lures everything from bucktail jigs to Boa Jig’rs! If the video does not load you can view it here: Jigging for sea bass with a bonus blue fish You can get your own Boa Jig’rs here: [...]

By Seamus on 4/22/2011 5:08:16 PM • Rank (1557) • Views (1895) •Comments(0)
This week we have a highly requested video on how to rig an SP5 sized Viper Spoon with many different bait examples from a whole mackerel to a whole squid to a cut bait strip. If the video does not load you can view it here: How to Rig Your SP5 Viper Spoon Get your SP5 Viper [...]

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