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We have tested the Supra Dart Tuna Rig in every position in our 10 rod spread except on a planer rod.  It has produce very well in each position. We like it the best running  just out of the white water.  This Rig catches everything form Marlin to Mahi.  Here is a picture of a nice 42.4lb Bull Mahi caught on the Supra Dart Tuna Rig.

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The Cobia is a saltwater fish that puts up a big fight for the fisherman. It is very sought after and popular gamefish specie. Preferring tropic and warmer temperate waters, the Cobia can be found along the Atlantic Coast of Florida.   It can be difficult to outmatch the Cobia. They have extreme strength and ...

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I deal with fishermen every day and one common thread I see is the desire of each and every one of us to locate some special ingredient that will catch more and bigger fish for us. Our competitive nature encourages us to improve our fishing in order to be just a little bit better than everyone else. This can be a personally rewarding and sometimes...

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Usually there isn't a bunch of discussion among offshore anglers about whether or not they use stainless steel hooks. They'll talk about things like hook model and size but the price of stainless steel hooks scares a lot of people into going with quality hooks in a less expensive material like cadmium.The actual hook that you use in your offshore...

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Tuna bend hooks are a small trick that really can improve your catch ratio!These pictures illustrate a test that I conducted matching tuna bend hooks against parallel shanked hooks. This will give you an example of how you can (and should) conduct a similar test of your own to determine which style hooks you should be using yourself. This test was...

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Note the purpose of embedding your hook into the back of the lure head is to create a method to hold the hook in a steady position while it is being trolled. This eliminates it from fouling in the skirt or leader and makes the lure run perfectly. But it is important to note that your hook assembly must be able to pull free once a fish is hooked. Ot...

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When I speak at fishing clubs I often make a statement that shocks everyone there. I tell them that their teasers will be much more important in catching fish than their favorite lures. By the way that's coming from a guy that makes a living selling lures. A teaser doesn't have to be some mysterious voodoo do-dad that you purchase from a guy in a b...

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Freshwater Fishing and Offshore Fishing are Two Entirely Different Animals! With many new anglers trying offshore fishing every day often these newer anglers ask me some of the same basic questions. First they tell me that they were pretty good freshwater fishermen but now they want to try those same skills in the offshore game. Their questions alm...

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The Dorado have arrived in numbers and that the sailfish bite has been very strong this year, read full fishing reports and updates on hurricane Odile here, Tight Lines!

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On March 17, 2011 Fishing Status was born. In the last 3 years, Fishing Status has grown from a tiny website about fishing the Outer Banks, to one of the largest fishing sites in the world.  Here are a few of the milestones: ·         41+ million page views ·   ...

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