Canyons, Ledges, Rocks, and Shoals

Fishing Status has 24560 Banks, Canyons, Humps, Ledges, Rocks, Seamounts, Shoals, and Trenches in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, ledges , rocks, and other rocky or hilly structure are fish magnets that many call home.

Please check your local laws before fishing or diving on any of the rocks provided in our database.


Most Popular Rocks

By Seamus on 5/6/2011 • Rank (465) • Views (465) •Comments(0)
28.6940333333333 -82.8608

By xfernal on 6/5/2017 • Rank (464) • Views (464) •Comments(0)
WPB Canyon

By xfernal on 7/31/2016 • Rank (462) • Views (462) •Comments(0)
This is the 3rd hump of the Outer Humps and South of the middle hump. Another good swordfish drop area.

By xfernal on 12/2/2016 • Rank (460) • Views (460) •Comments(0)
East Hump

By Seamus on 4/10/2015 • Rank (459) • Views (501) •Comments(0)
The Point is perhaps the most famous fishing spot off the NC coast, and specifically out of Oregon Inlet. Many of a fishing tale starts with "we were trolling at The Point when...".  This canyon with ledges and drops that come right to a point is a great place to catch tuna, including Big Eye, Bluefin, and Yellowfin. There have also been man...

By Seamus on 3/20/2011 • Rank (458) • Views (458) •Comments(0)
34.35 -77.6256666666667

By xfernal on 3/14/2017 • Rank (456) • Views (456) •Comments(0)
Slab Rocks

By xfernal on 11/5/2016 • Rank (454) • Views (454) •Comments(0)
This deep water ledge holds tilefish and grouper. It is also a good place to troll for Tuna.

By xfernal on 12/2/2016 • Rank (452) • Views (452) •Comments(0)
Red Bay Bank

By xfernal on 2/27/2017 • Rank (452) • Views (452) •Comments(0)
Captain Earls Rock

By xfernal on 3/4/2017 • Rank (451) • Views (451) •Comments(0)
Good ledge that holds fish.

By Capt John on 4/6/2013 • Rank (451) • Views (475) •Comments(0)
The wind was light in the AM but picked up significantly by afternoon. The day was spent AJ fishing on a wreck due west of Tarpon Springs, Florida. We used live pinfish, silver jigs, and feather jigs. All produce a variety of sizes Amber Jack. These bruiser made hard work for the two guys we had fishing with us. They brought there limit home. V...

By xfernal on 7/6/2017 • Rank (451) • Views (451) •Comments(0)

By xfernal on 7/31/2016 • Rank (449) • Views (449) •Comments(0)
Huge hump in deep water that holds lots of fish.

By xfernal on 7/31/2016 • Rank (445) • Views (445) •Comments(0)
This is the Southeast Outer Hump in a line of humps from the NW to SE. This is a good place for Swordfish.

By xfernal on 7/6/2017 • Rank (445) • Views (445) •Comments(0)

By xfernal on 9/12/2016 • Rank (444) • Views (444) •Comments(0)
Good deep drop area for Swordfish.

By xfernal on 2/9/2017 • Rank (442) • Views (442) •Comments(0)
First constructed in 1992 and still being added onto. Over 25,000 tons of quarry rock, concrete and steel Triton missile tower, and 300 tons concrete rubble have been used. This is the deepest reef of the Fish and Game reefs at 165 feet of depth. Good fishing for sand bass and pelagics in the summer months and rock fish in the winter months.

By xfernal on 3/19/2016 • Rank (441) • Views (441) •Comments(0)
Good ledge off the point with the river channel real close to this spot. Good place to work for bass.

By xfernal on 11/26/2015 • Rank (441) • Views (441) •Comments(0)
Deep water hump off Boynton Beach

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