Artificial and Natural Reefs

Fishing Status has 61461 Artificial and Natural Reefs in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, reefs are fish magnets that many call home.

Please check your local laws before fishing or diving on any of the reefs provided in our database.


Most Popular Reefs

By Seamus on 12/2/2020 • Views (32388)
The 8A Reef is in 70-80 feet of water located approximately 14 miles from Port Canaveral. The reef has many residents including Lobster, Grouper, Snapper, Sea Bass, and Lion Fish, and Jacks. Flounder and Cobia can also be caught off the reef.   

By Seamus on 6/29/2017 • Views (24788)

By Seamus on 4/14/2017 • Views (16806)
The Betsy Ross Reef is about 20 miles out of the Port Royal Sound. Many species of fish hang out here, including Red snapper, black sea bass, grouper, barracuda, king mackerel, and Spanish mackerel. A 430-foot liberty ship named Betsy Ross is the highlight of the reef. It is the largest single piece of artificial-reef structure off the South C...

By Seamus on 8/11/2021 • Views (14680)
Lot's of Black Seabass. A stray Grouper or ARS (Red Snapper) may take your line. Cobia, Amberjacks are frequent. And freeline for King Mackeral and Barracuda is . popular. 1 buoy marks reef  12.5 nm from Charleston Harbor south jetty. Reef Buoy 32 33.147, 79 40.249 240' Barge 32 33.354, 79 40.299 Concrete Reef Balls 32 33.251, 79...

By Seamus on 12/21/2020 • Views (14716)
South Padre Island-1047 Reef Donor: Texas Coastal & Marine Council Structure: Center of Reef Distance From: Port Mansfield 7 nm a)1000 Concrete Culverts a)Texas Parks & Wildlife b)4000 Concrete Culverts b)Texas Parks & Wildlife c)concrete - 0.75 tons c)Texas Parks & Wildlife d)40 Hatchery troughs d)Texas Parks...

By Seamus on 12/7/2020 • Views (13412)
Black Seabass and many varieties of Sharks can be found on the reef all year round. There are nice Cobia and Gray Trout in the Spring on the reef.  From Spring through the Fall, you can find Bluefish, Flounder, King Mackerel, Spadefish, Spanish Mackerel, and sometimes Tarpon. Lots of Sheepshead stay on the reef during the Winter.  &nb...

By Seamus on 1/1/2021 • Views (11458)
Name PASCO REEF #4 County PASCO Depth (in feet) 27 Relief (in feet) 8 Description "272 PIECES OF CONCRETE 1RST OF TWO LOADS" Date of Deployment June 3 1998 Primary Material CONCRETE CULVERTS Tonnage 317 Coordinates 28.37096667, -82.94998333

By Seamus on 2/27/2021 • Views (9736)
About 6 miles south of Sanibel, the Doc Kline reef sits in approximately 30 feet of water. Snapper, amberjack, redfish, grouper, and sharks are frequent residents of the reef. 30 feet deep DK1 26-20.877N 82-05.650W 15-Jun-88 Barge DK2 26-20.151N 82-05.355W 7-Jun-91 Culverts DK3 26-20.224N 82-05.484W 30-Jun-92 Concrete Junction Boxes DK4 26...

By Seamus on 12/21/2020 • Views (9670)
Artificial Reef that holds good Black Drum and Flounder. The Black Drum are thick here in the Spring some times.    In 2017 parts of the old Lesner bridge were added.   

By xfernal on 11/7/2016 • Views (9215)
The Kinta S is a 155 feet long cargo ship, that was sunk as an artifical reef approximately 11.1 miles from Port Aransas, TX and 10.5 miles from the Packery Channel in Corpus Christi, TX. This is the largest ship to be turned into a reef since 2006, when the Texas Clipper, at 473 feet, was scuttled. The freighter was built in Japan, and launched...

By Seamus on 11/10/2021 • Views (8787)
The Trysler Grounds consist of natural hard/live bottom and streches across a large area. 

By Seamus on 12/21/2020 • Views (8707)
1) NE Reef Buoy 32 18.900 080 42.358 2) NW Reef Buoy 32 18.900 080 42.608 3) SE Reef Buoy 32 18.716 080 42.358 4) SW Reef Buoy 32 18.717 080 42.608 Parris Island Reef 5) 40' Deck barge 32 18.868 080 42.537 6) 50' Landing craft 32 18.975 080 42.525 7) Concrete rubble 32 18.858 080 42.498 8) Concrete rubble 32 18.897 080 42.53...

By Seamus on 8/11/2021 • Views (8196)
An area of live bottom with coral, rocks, and vegetation supporting many species of fishm including Red Snapper, Triggeirfish, Black Seabass, Vermilion Snapper, Gag Grouper, Scamps, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Greater Amberjack, Mahi and Wahoo. Productive fishing can be had via bottom fishing as well as trolling for pelagics. 

By Seamus on 2/27/2021 • Views (8002)
Lonestar Reef (MU-770L) Donor: GOM Shelf L.L.C. Structure: 3 Barges Distance From: Port Aransas 9 nm Water Depth: 72-ft Inside 3 mile line and holds Red Snapper.   

By xfernal on 12/31/2012 • Views (8241)
Deep Reef 37.21.30 / 122.37.03

By Seamus on 2/27/2021 • Views (7386)
George Vancouver Liberty Ship Reef (BA-336) Donor: Texas Coastal & Marine Council Structure: Liberty Ship-George Vancouver Distance From: Freeport 9 nm   "The Vancouver Liberty Ship Reef is composed of one ship, the George Vancouver. Construction of this ship was completed on July 22, 1942. She brought supplies to Suez for the Bat...

By Seamus on 3/1/2021 • Views (7149)

By Seamus on 2/27/2021 • Views (7146)
Mitchells Reef (GA-189) Donor: Galveston County-Kelso Gilbane Structure: 37 Concrete Blocks Distance From: Galveston 11 nm Good fall and winter fishing. 

By Seamus on 3/8/2020 • Views (7124)
On Fido's Reef you can catch Snapper, Yellowtail Kingfish, Mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna, Cobia. The relief rises to 16 feet or 5 meters of water. Check out this video from a dive on this reef showing lots of fish. 

By Seamus on 12/21/2021 • Views (6760)
EGMONT KEY REEF #26 (Bay) Relief (in feet) 8 Description GULF PIER -FT. DESOTO PILE CUTOFFS Date of Deployment May 17 2002 Primary Material CONCRETE PILE CUTOFFS Tonnage 44.4

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