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By xfernal on 11/17/2014 • Rank (18646) • Views (20456) •Comments(4)
I could not go fishing this weekend, so I decided to do a little research that some of you may find interesting. I took the dates of 545 World Record fish, and fed them to a moon phase calculator, to find the moon phase for each one. Here are the results: Full Moon 85 New Moon 84 First Quarter Moon 83 Waxing Gibbous Moon 69 Waning Gibbo...

By navillus on 1/21/2021 • Rank (16767) • Views (17290) •Comments(0)
Ever wonder what fish are around during a particular time of the year? Below are links to a number of local fishing infromation pages for many different locations around North Carolina. Each provide the detail of current fishing conditions, species of fish, reports, etc. From each page you can get a full fishing prediction that allows you to...

By xfernal on 8/8/2013 • Rank (11764) • Views (11797) •Comments(16)
I’ve fished all my life. I mainly fished freshwater the first half of my life, and now primarily saltwater. Regardless of where you fish, there are many things you can do before each trip to be better prepared and fish smarter. Before I started Fishing Status, I would have to visit many different websites to get the latest fishing report...

By xfernal on 3/3/2014 • Rank (10983) • Views (10988) •Comments(0)
Are you fishing the break? If not, you have been missing out. A “break” can be many different things, but the two types of breaks I am referring to are related to water color and temperature.  Not only will you catch more fish on the break, you will save time and gas looking for the right spot. Color Break The color break ca...

By xfernal on 4/27/2013 • Rank (10610) • Views (10629) •Comments(0)
This is a quick video of how to find fishing spots with Fishing Status. For the example, we show fishing spots in Islamorada, Florida.

By xfernal on 12/1/2013 • Rank (10299) • Views (10317) •Comments(3)
There is a lot of science in fishing, and we are trying to make it easier. We have updated the algorithm on our Local Fishing Forecast page to help tell you the best times of the day to fish.  We are also updating the fishing lures that are on the market, to help narrow down the best ones to use for the right time of day. Every time a fish...

By xfernal on 6/30/2012 • Rank (10196) • Views (10242) •Comments(1)
Picking the right color fishing lure can be the difference between and good and bad day of fishing. We took the time to do the research for how colors appear in different clarity of water, weather conditions, seasons, and time of day. Using our fishing lure selector, you will find out techniques, types of lures, and the colors you should be using....

By xfernal on 10/14/2012 • Rank (8903) • Views (8922) •Comments(0)
We have updated our fishing maps. There are now over 240 US locations you can download GPS fishing spots to import into your navigation unit. All downloads include a GPX file full of the best fishing spots with coordinates for the area. If we missed your area, please let us know!

By xfernal on 4/16/2013 • Rank (7616) • Views (7649) •Comments(0)
This video shows you how to use Fishing Status to download fishing spots for your favorite areas. There are over 226,000 fishing spots in the database, so I am sure you will find new fishing spots today.   

By EZ Fishin on 4/22/2013 • Rank (6529) • Views (6562) •Comments(0)
The wind has been blowing like crazy and that makes it hard to put the line where you want it, but it doesn't make it impossible to catch fish. From all the rains lately, the water is murky and fast so high visibility colors are working really well for crappie which is what it's all about right now. Remember to cast in front of where you want to be...

By navillus on 3/21/2011 • Rank (4642) • Views (4777) •Comments(0)
Your frozen bait will last longer and perform better if thawed slowly while still in the cooler. Bait trays are an effective way of accomplishing this.

By xfernal on 11/29/2013 • Rank (4515) • Views (4519) •Comments(0)
We want to make our fishing lure selector better on our website and mobile application. We are adding new lures to the database, but if you have a preferred lure for catching fish, we want to hear about it. For helping us out, we will give you a month of Fishing Status Professional for free.  Step #1: Login or Register to the site....

By xfernal on 5/4/2013 • Rank (4119) • Views (4150) •Comments(0)
We have been busy mapping boat ramps. We have added over 10,000 boat ramps to our database this week. We also added a new page to our site to help you find your boat ramp.  We will be adding more ramps and launches, stay tuned for updates!

By Basseeker12 on 5/28/2013 • Rank (4023) • Views (4052) •Comments(0)
Hello it has come to me that structure can be difficult with out the right equipment. knowing that there is so much to choose from when it comes to structure maps. we need the right choice but I have yet to use one. I've relied on hotspots or Honey holes for catching fish. it can be a affective fishing effort but remember it can be harder. If you...

By xfernal on 8/6/2012 • Rank (3988) • Views (4028) •Comments(0)
We were “reel” busy last month, bringing you more tools to help you catch more fish. As we move into the dog days of summer, we wanted to share our new updates. Fishing Map We have updated our Fishing Map to include buoy, oil rig, and ship data. We also updated our Sea Surface Temperatures to include a better overlay of current SST ch...

By Seamus on 4/11/2015 • Rank (3877) • Views (4037) •Comments(0)
The Cobia is a saltwater fish that puts up a big fight for the fisherman. It is very sought after and popular gamefish specie. Preferring tropic and warmer temperate waters, the Cobia can be found along the Atlantic Coast of Florida.   It can be difficult to outmatch the Cobia. They have extreme strength and ...

By moestu1 on 3/27/2018 • Rank (3789) • Views (3784) •Comments(0)
The slab spoon lure has been fished on Lake Texoma for years.  Bomber Lures started out in Gainsville Texas making slab spoons and now is a lure giant!  Slab Spoons catch more Striper on Lake Texoma than any other lure. You can fish the slab spoon as a topwater, mid-depth, and in 60 feet of water!  A very versatile lure...

By xfernal on 7/15/2012 • Rank (3755) • Views (3815) •Comments(0)
As we move into the new moon phase this week, our daytime fishing should pick up. If I could only fish 1 time this week, it would beThursday between 5 and 8 AM or 6 till 9 PM. Alternatively, 5 AM till 8 AM onWednesday or 6 till 9 PM Friday. Depending on weather conditions and thechanges in sea surface temperature, Wednesday- Friday should be the...

By Eye Catcher on 1/29/2015 2:31:21 PM • Rank (3526) • Views (3578) •Comments(0)
I deal with fishermen every day and one common thread I see is the desire of each and every one of us to locate some special ingredient that will catch more and bigger fish for us. Our competitive nature encourages us to improve our fishing in order to be just a little bit better than everyone else. This can be a personally rewarding and sometimes...

By navillus on 3/21/2011 • Rank (3513) • Views (3591) •Comments(0)
Treble hook alternative

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JE Visgids
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