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Catch and Release purposes

 | By Basseeker12 on 5/28/2013 12:00:00 AM | Views (4052)

Hello it has come to me that structure can be difficult with out the right equipment. knowing that there is so much to choose from when it comes to structure maps. we need the right choice but I have yet to use one. I've relied on hotspots or Honey holes for catching fish. it can be a affective fishing effort but remember it can be harder. If you have a favorite honey hole here is some advice. 1: Don't fish this honey hole every time you go you never know who else uses it and plus if you over work a honey hole it could begin to deplete with the species of fish. this is why people enforce Catch and Release so do I. one of my honey holes has ether become depleted of bream or its not the time to go. but with my concern of the little creek in symrna I hope it is not the case. The past 7 times we have in the creek we have had no luck. I have seen people near us that were fishing with a bucket which concerns me. I spotted 5 buckets in those 7 trips to the creek and I believe they were catching to keep. now knowing I have no control of this my favorite spot has become less active. sure there are shad up creek but the bass seem to nonexistent there lately I hope this all a seasonal thing and not permanent. this creek I would love to share with my kids one day and not some dried up creek. now the logical thing I thought was with the lack of bream  in the creek in the ecosystem of it bass would more likely move inward to the lake. and with all belief I think they have but the creek is not how it was in the past with my father and my uncle having knowing this creek very well like I do the stories they have told about back then seem almost fictional. my uncle had pulled out at least a 7 pounder out of there one day but I had snapped his line do to it being heavy. and the spot he showed me where is exactly where I've been for a year now and well the  only bass I caught at of that spot was a half a pound female bass ready to lay eggs. So people should learn fishing has multiple purposes to everybody. the creek I fish I fell is falling short what I could be. stripe bass on one side of a bridge and large mouth on the other side that has all changed. I hope everyone keeps there favorite spots a Catch and  Release spot. I hope this is a relatable story to some one and that you get the message I speak for every body of water.

                                                                            Tight lines and Best wishes to everyone



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This Fishing Report was submitted on 5/28/2013 12:00:00 AM by Basseeker12 and last updated on 5/28/2013 12:04:51 PM.


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