Importing Fishing Spots Into Si-Tex


Importing our fishing maps into your Si-Tex GPS unit is easy. Follow the instructions below and have fishing spots loaded on your charts.

1. Load the GPX file onto a memory card and insert into your GPS unit/plotter.

2. Open the main menu by pressing

3. Select “General Settings” > “User Data”.

4. Select the data type (“Routes and Marks”, “Boundaries” or “Tracks”) and press “Import from micro SD"

5. Select the GPX file.



Si-Tex ModelMax WaypointsMemory Card
2 GPS Units
We have had very few users with Si_tex units, but all newer Si-Text units can use GPX files, which we do support. Also, we can provide the old MRK files for Si-Tex if you have an older unit that uses a SD card, with the purchase of one of our Custom SD Cards.