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By Seamus on 8/18/2022 10:01:01 PM • Views (5)
Just a short fishing report tonight not too much going on today. We did hear about puppy drum and speckled trout in the sound. Small Blues and Spanish at the Inlet. Baby sharks were being caught at the point this evening. And a gentleman said that he caught a bunch of smaller Pompano on Ocracoke... The post 8/18/22 appeared first on Red Drum Tackl...

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 8:26:00 PM • Views (5)
Visualize with me; it’s a cool sixty-two degrees slightly overcast with a light drizzly mist in the air. Sitting on the porch sipping coffee you can see and feel the heat from the cup as you raise it to your face. You’re wearing a soft worn-in flannel and your favorite slippers. To your left lays […]

By All-Inclusive Sportfishing on 8/18/2022 7:50:06 PM • Views (9)
As we pass the midway point of August we find warm weather and on many days very calm sea conditions. We continue to direct a lot of our mid August efforts on our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale to the... The post Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter report mid August first appeared on.

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 4:08:22 PM • Views (8)
The 1st Coho of the Season! The first fly caught coho of the year has been landed and for the second year in a row Jack Brennell was the angler who got it done! Congratulations Jack. He took home a sweet Simms Roll Top Dry Duffel Bag as first place finisher in our [...] The post Juneau Fly Fishing Report 8-18-22 appeared first on Alaska Fly Fishin...

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 3:15:00 PM • Views (7)
Although the weather forecast last night predicted a good chance of rain for this morning we had clear skies the whole time! Garland Clark and his friend Suzanna elected to begin Garland's Birthday Celebration by  fishing the back waters of Amelia Island. We met down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp and ran up the intercoastal turned into the Nassau...

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 11:45:24 AM • Views (10)
The post Wednesday ~ August 15th 2022 appeared first on

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 11:02:24 AM • Views (8)
SUPER FULL MOON & AFTERNOON STORMS! La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay/ Suenos Bay Fishing Report for Week of Aug 10-17 2022 MEXICAN MINUTE VIDEO REPORT THE BIG PICTURE and the REST of the STORY…   Going into this week I was a bit nervous what would happen to our bite because of the […]

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 9:48:44 AM • Views (9)
The Yellowstone is back to “green is good” after a long plug of thick mud. Gardiner to Livingston is looking good to go. Below Livingston could likely fish well with streamers and maybe hoppers by this afternoon. Should be a good bite out there today since the river has been rested a few days. Good... The post Clarity Report appeared first on Yell...

By Seamus on 8/18/2022 2:59:58 AM • Views (8)
Hervey Bay Red emperor green jobfish snapper pearl perch tuskfish cod spanish mackerel black marlin and mahi mahi off Breaksea Spit snapper coral trout red emperor trevally and cobia in the Gutters snapper at night on the local reefs school mackerel in the western bay blue salmon grunter bream and flathead on the flats and… Continue reading 18 Aug...

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 10:47:14 PM • Views (5)
Regular White River fly fisher John Kind gave us call last month hunting a Sage Salt HD for an upcoming trip to Baja. It was hard to find but we got one headed south and John kindly sent a couple of pics back in the wake of the trip Forgot to fill you in on […]

By Frisco Rod & Gun on 8/17/2022 9:50:38 PM • Views (15)
Today’s high was 82. Winds have been gentle to moderate and out of the NE/NNE. Currently it’s 73 feels like 74 with NE winds at 7mph. Gusts up to 21mph. Tomorrow is looking to be nearly the same as today. Today’s winds only got up to 13mph when they were predicted to be 16mph so […] The post Hatteras Island Fishing Report appeared first on Hattera...

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 5:25:00 PM • Views (8)
It's that time of year that when we launch the sun is just coming up over the horizon and boy was it pretty today! And the water was slick as a lake! I had met David Snyder and his fishing buddy Brad Baudek out at Goffinsville Park and after a short run down the Nassau River we set up at a large outflow on the last hour of an outgoing tide. The d...

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 1:03:18 PM • Views (8)
Wednesday August 17 2022 Plenty of fish to be caught out there right now! There has been reports of good drum fishing on the sound side and more big Trout being caught! We were informed this morning that Cape Point in Buxton is now reopened! They have already been doing very well on Spanish Mackerel … TW’s Daily Fishing Report Read More »

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 8:32:00 AM • Views (5) takes a long hard look at the how’s and whys of trout eating falling flies a topic not often discussed. One of the greatest ongoing mysteries in fly fishing is why trout eat our flies at all. In a resource-rich river what triggers a trout to choose our fly over the real thing? Sometimes […]

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 7:37:53 AM • Views (11)
The release from Cannonsville is steady at just over 1 000 cfs. This looks like a release to meet teh Montague Flow Target so we should see this stay until there is either a release downstream from another dam or we get some rain. There are still spots to wade at this level. Click on the …

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 1:41:27 AM • Views (13)
Are you a fan of guided fly fishing in Montana? Top guides can help you figure out the best times to catch trout.

By Seamus on 8/17/2022 12:27:37 AM • Views (11)
It looks like we are on another streak of mid 90’s weather for a while. That certainly won’t help the fishing much. It might entice a few more innertubers paddle boarders jet skiers swimmers unicorn floaties and inflatable gas station crafts to hit the river though. So there’s that… Despite the heat and traffic [...] The post Mid August Fishing ap...

By Seamus on 8/16/2022 10:53:28 PM • Views (11)
Hello anglers We had great fishing for dorado this morning. Everyone had a great time and got all the dorado they need. After the dorado bite we had a fresh dorado sandwich with a caper aoili and home fries. Delicious! This afternoon we are seeing loads of tuna but they are the non-biting kind. [...] The post Aug 16 (Aug 15-17) Extended 1.5 day ap...

By Frisco Rod & Gun on 8/16/2022 9:05:04 PM • Views (10)
Today’s high was just above 82. Winds have been NE and gentle. Currently it’s 75 feels like 80 with NE winds at 5mph. Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 80. Winds are looking to be moderate but still out of the NE. Possible 15mph winds in the afternoon tomorrow. As for the rain it looks […] The post Hatteras Island Fishing Report appeared first on...

By Seamus on 8/16/2022 6:38:20 PM • Views (12)
The Big One That Got Away Before most fishing was done by downriggers and trolling boats would go out and motor mooch for salmon. The fisherman would make a cut-plug herring and thread it on to hooks and a leader. The leader would then be tied to a 4 or 6 ounce weight and then […] The post It’s a Guide’s Life – August 16 2022 appeared first on Que...

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By Seamus on 8/14/2022 3:02:07 AM • Views (71)

By Seamus on 8/12/2022 5:56:08 PM • Views (64)
OPEN BOAT DAYS Monday 8/15 WEDNESDAY 8/17 FRIDAY 8/19 and SUNDAY 8/21 FARE $90 7AM MAGIC HOURS EVERY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 5 to 9 PM EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 4:30 to 8:30 PLEASE CALL TEXT OR BOOK ONLINE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. We may be running a little farther so be prepared to return to the dock a little later FRIDAY WAS A REBOUND DAY. GREAT ACT...

By Seamus on 8/12/2022 8:33:43 PM • Views (52)
This green season brings some rain but the bite is still good today we went inshore and we have clients from Texas we are looking for a roosterfish and we completed the mission we released a nice roosterfish around 40 inches 3 barracuda and one Spanish mackerel. check our reports and book the next fishing […] The post August 7th fishing Report app...

By Seamus on 8/12/2022 8:39:17 PM • Views (57)
This is your Captain Franklin from this beautiful country called Costa Rica this month brings a very good concentration of blue marlin the water temperature helps a lot and that comes with an excellent bite. Today we release 3 blue Marlin around 300 to 350 pounds they great jumps and fight one pacific sailfish that […] The post Fishing Report Augu...

By Seamus on 8/12/2022 4:40:02 PM • Views (49)
A truly HOLY S***T DAY! 3 species of cetaceans and hundreds of pelagic birds feeding on sand eels! Breaching open-mouth feeding flipper slapping mom/calf pairs associated groups – you name the humpback behavior we saw it.  At one point whales pelagic birds and large striped bass were feeding together on the abundance of prey.  It […]

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