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By Seamus on 4/30/2021 2:14:00 PM • Views (32)
The Browns fishing in Louisiana #powerpole #yamaha #rojascharters #sightfishing #flatsfishing #marshfishing #lurefishing #pathfinderboats #minnkota #humminbird #redfish #speckledtrout #drum #bass #flounder #NewOrleansandCo #superiorfishingexperience #nola #visitneworleans #fishinglouisiana #familyfun #visitlouisiana #fourhorsemancorks #shallowwate...

By Seamus on 4/30/2021 12:49:45 PM • Views (18)
Last day of April. Y’all…that means the “summer” is just about a month away for a whole big part of our population (the kids!) in Georgia. What activity are you most looking forward to with your kids this summer?  NEWS TO KNOW Looking for a Family Friendly Fishing Location? Be sure to check out Georgia […]

By Seamus on 4/30/2021 10:39:22 AM • Views (57)
Many Fisherman and women and children alike come to west Central Florida Gulf Coast to TARPON FISH.?Why?? We are located in the middle of 3 types of estuaries where all gamefish are located. Rivers- are vacation homes for Tarpon and Snook. Backcountry areas- are like hot tubs to them as the springs pump both […] The post SPECTACULAR SPRING SNOOK F...

By Seamus on 4/30/2021 6:43:13 AM • Views (18)
The rivers are up and off color this morning.  The flow at Hale Eddy has peaked around 2 700 cfs and is already falling.   Oquaga Creek peaked around 750 cfs and is falling too.  The West Branch should clear a bit later in the day as the feeder stream flows drop.  This may be more of […]

By C Lure Charters on 4/30/2021 4:35:43 AM • Views (0)
The post Mahimahi the fish so nice they named it twice! appeared first on Captain Trips Sportfishing Charters in Kauai.

By Seamus on 4/30/2021 2:31:07 AM • Views (90)
96 Recfishwest Newsletter View this email in your browser Recfishwest Fishing Report 30/04/21 🌈🌈Mad-keen angler Angus Line scored this rainbow trout from Lake Navarino near Waroona recently! If you're a passionate freshwater angler read how you can help play a role in shaping the future of the South West’s freshwater fishery with the Recfishwest...

By Seamus on 4/30/2021 1:48:25 AM • Views (43)
Not enough people showed up at the marina and no boats fished today. The forecast for tomorrow is for gale force winds with gusts to 45 so we will not be fishing. As of now we are not sure about Saturday. If they are right Sunday will be our next day fishing. We will have to watch the weather and see. As we all know they can be wrong. When the wea...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 10:28:00 PM • Views (33)
Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island Was a windy day for everyone on the island. We had a high temperature of 75F this afternoon. Winds are at 23 mph this evening out … Continue reading → The post Hatteras Island Fishing Report appeared first on Hatteras Island Fishing Report.

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 10:15:12 PM • Views (49)
Liam caught a 45″ Drum early in the week. Little brother Quinn was determined to catch one of him own…he caught a 44″Drum just yesterday evening. Congratulations boys! Drum still being reported from the point. Nothing else reported this evening. -Erin The post Thursday 4/29/21 appeared first on Red Drum Tackle Shop.

By Whiskey Bayou Charters on 4/29/2021 9:56:40 PM • Views (25)
Another helpful link to the proper break in procedure for your new motor! Mercury Marine #GoBoldly #mercurymarine See post on Facebook Whiskey Bayou Charters offers Redfish fishing charters in the New Orleans Delacroix Venice St. Bernard and surrounding areas The post New Orleans Fishing Charter -Apr 29 2021 appeared first on Whiskey Bayou Charter...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 9:13:00 PM • Views (41)
This schoolie fell for a homemade bucktail jig a few days ago along the oceanfront. The hottest lures for me in the early going has been bucktail jigs. I've gone mostly with the bucktail along the oceanfront and I've fished it from the kayak in the Bay and in both locations it has been my best producer. I make all my own bucktail jigs.  I especi...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 8:46:03 PM • Views (10)
Another weekend with sub par weather again limited good fishing reports but results from Saturday’s Xtreme Bass Series tournament on Orange Lake were actually better than many expected given the conditions. The winning weight of 19.09 pounds (taken by Jody … Continue reading → The post Offshore Gulf Anglers Celebrate 2021 Red Snapper Season appear...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 8:39:00 PM • Views (18)
Had newcomer to the Toy Pat Harden and the boys out for an afternoon trip. Got our bait and went on the grind in the end got our limit but we had to work for it. Congrats to Natty for getting his first striper and the biggest of his life!

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 7:42:26 PM • Views (14)
Protect Hot Creek Stop KORE Mining The US Forest Service is taking public comments on a proposed exploratory mining operation near the headwaters of Hot Creek in the Eastern Sierra that could lead to harmful open pit mining near this … Continue reading →

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 6:41:40 PM • Views (43)

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 5:01:00 PM • Views (50)
We had another beautiful morning when I met Jeff Parr and his girl friend Elizabeth down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp today. We made the long run up and around to Broward Island to take advantage of the first of an incoming tide down there and it paid off.  In short order Jeff was picking up small but hungry Seatrout on the bottom with a jig an...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 3:36:00 PM • Views (29)
What a shocker only two Striper fishermen showed up today. The worst part is my buddy Joe from the charter boat Little Hawk called me at 7:10 this morning and said Come on The Stripers are all over the top eating Jigs and Shads  That's just par for the course the way this season has started. Tomorrow and Saturdays trips are cancelled due to NW wi...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 3:31:00 PM • Views (38)
The Browns from Tennessee fishing in Louisiana #powerpole #yamaha #rojascharters #sightfishing #flatsfishing #marshfishing #lurefishing #pathfinderboats #minnkota #humminbird #redfish #speckledtrout #drum #bass #flounder #NewOrleansandCo #superiorfishingexperience #nola #visitneworleans #fishinglouisiana #familyfun #visitlouisiana #fourhorsemancor...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 3:31:00 PM • Views (45)
The Browns from Tennessee fishing in Louisiana #powerpole #yamaha #rojascharters #sightfishing #flatsfishing #marshfishing #lurefishing #pathfinderboats #minnkota #humminbird #redfish #speckledtrout #drum #bass #flounder #NewOrleansandCo #superiorfishingexperience #nola #visitneworleans #fishinglouisiana #familyfun #visitlouisiana #fourhorsemancor...

By Seamus on 4/29/2021 1:27:46 PM • Views (13)
I am so pleased and relieved to be able to report that some fish were caught in Duck surf this Wednesday morning April 28. I fished for two hours about half a mile south of Engineers pier using double bottom rigs in calm water. Total catch was 7 mullet 8″ to 10″ plus two blow […] The post Fishing Reports Duck Outer Banks 4/29/21 first appeared on...

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By Joe Hendrix on 5/2/2021 3:26:15 PM • Views (67)
Great day on Saturday with @afroebuck! #fearless #fearlessfishing #conch27

By Seamus on 5/4/2021 8:00:00 PM • Views (49)
Recorded: 62 ° F Fishing: Fair Deschutes Red Side Trout Report: Trout fishing is fair. Now to answer the big question that always comes up in May are the Stone Flies hatching? Yes it’s in it’s early stage and the cycle should continue in it’s normal manner. As I mentioned in the last report April is the month trout spawn and that has now come to a...

By Seamus on 5/4/2021 1:00:00 AM • Views (45)
A breezy one out there for Chuck and Rena and we did well on the trout. The tide was a weak one today so for sure fire action I said lets do the trout plan. Well it worked out really well and we had a limit by 11am using Lil' Johns. I did make a stop inshore and Rena caught her first snook but just not enough tide movement to get the red fish goin...

By Seamus on 5/6/2021 3:51:52 PM • Views (45)
The rain got us today but we had some fun before we got wet. I had the Weeks family on board and they had a ball. We started the trip putting a couple nice trout on ice and quality fish as well. I knew we didn't have a bunch of time before the weather hit us so there was enough tide to run inshore and let the team all catch there first snook. The...

By Seamus on 5/7/2021 1:30:00 AM • Views (42)
96 Recfishwest Newsletter View this email in your browser Recfishwest Fishing Report 07/05/21 Wetting a line from a beach somewhere in the South West Samuel Siegrist was more than happy with his first land-based pinkie! Cracking effort Sam - this catch shows persistence pays off. 😁😁 Dear > Welcome to WA's biggest and best weekly fishing report p...

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