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Fishing Reports

We have hundreds of thousands of fishing reports from all over the world. From inshore to offshore we have them all. Check out what's biting now!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Eufaula Lake Guides on 3/21/2023 1:37:29 AM • Views (9)
Had a great fishing trip yesterday with Paul and Jessica from Canton Ga. Pretty windy conditions today but managed to catch some good ones. Lake Eufaula are moving up shallow now. Let’s get you on some biggins! Steve Graziano The post Lake Eufaula Fishing Report March 21 2023 appeared first on Eufaula Lake Guides.

By on 3/21/2023 1:29:42 AM • Views (6)
Mr. Cole and his grandfather really worked them over this afternoon on the lake. Real blast fishing with y’all guys great catch. I can’t wait to have you back. Rodney Donald The post Lake Hartwell Fishing Report March 21st 2023 appeared first on Lake Hartwell Fishing Guides.

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 11:43:44 PM • Views (1)
Another mahi   Much aloha and God Bless The post Kona Fishing Report appeared first on Camelot Sport Fishing.

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 9:02:38 PM • Views (1)
Palm Coast Fishing Charter

By Georgia Wild Trout on 3/20/2023 8:02:53 PM • Views (6)
Best creeks and rivers for trout fishing near Blairsville Georgia. A guide on where to go fly fishing in Blairsville.

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 7:02:00 PM • Views (10)
After getting the boat ready this  morning I came back inside and put on a pair of long underwear! The temps were in the low 40's and I just didn't want to be cold today so I bundled up and met Bob and Jana Grimm out at the Old Town Bait and Tackle boat ramp. We had a nice clear sunny day cool and a bit windy as we headed north and west to set up...

By Georgia Wild Trout on 3/20/2023 6:55:29 PM • Views (9)
Trout fishing guide for Ellijay Georgia. Learn what streams around Ellijay have the best trout fishing opportunities

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 5:50:51 PM • Views (11)
At least that is what the folks who track such things are telling us. The days are certainly longer and getting longer by several minutes each time the sun comes up. Evenings are now long and if not warm at least not freezing cold. It’s also the time of year I have to carefully watch the greenhouse.

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 5:46:42 PM • Views (0)
Snake River Continued midge activity as expected but we are starting to see a smattering on winter stones – Neumora – for the first time of the year. The best action with the latter has come on nymph imitations primarily along riffle and seam current margins.  There is some dry fly action with adults in slow currents in eddies ledge rock pools and...

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 5:01:39 PM • Views (11)
Paul MacInnis takes you on his deep-jigging adventure beyond the Florida Middle Grounds... The post Adventures Beyond the Middle Grounds appeared first on SpaceFish.

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 5:00:06 PM • Views (14)
This week we've got a cool featured story from Paul MacInnis recounting his epic trip beyond the Florida Middle Grounds +100 miles into the Gulf. Plus Knox Robinson reports on Lake Ida's kayak fishing scene; and Thanksgiving may be 8 months away but Alan Ryland makes a compelling case that "turkey time" in Florida is NOW... The post Weekly Forecas...

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 3:32:31 PM • Views (1)
Hello everyone; Well things are about the same good tuna fishing and no Wahoo. Weather continues to be excellent with a slight breeze lest than 10 knots overcast skies and warm. Most of the Yellowfin today were in the 90 to 120 range with the lucky angler being Sam Raiter. Sam fish came on the…

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 1:10:37 PM • Views (7)
Our first fishing report on the new website time to...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 3/20/2023 1:05:12 PM • Views (283)
Here We Are After One Of The Nastiest Cold Fronts You Could Possible Have. With 3 Weeks Of Nice Weather ( 70s & 80s degrees ) We Get Slammed With Low 30s & Wind. All the progress of the spawn has been put on hold at least for a few more days. This week we […]

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 1:05:00 PM • Views (0)

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 1:04:00 PM • Views (0)

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 1:03:00 PM • Views (0)

By Seamus on 3/20/2023 11:35:43 AM • Views (8)
Yesterday Flash 1 did a lot of sturgeon hunting and did find some fish. The girls landed 3. Enjoy the photos.Captain Steve TalmadgeBoat mobile and booking Phone number 510 851-2500 The post S F Fishing report 3/20/23 appeared first on Flash Sport Fishing Charters.

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Most Popular This Week

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 3/28/2023 • Views (255)
This March has been one for the ages. We have been guiding almost everyday and the fishing has been phenomenal. The weather however has been unpredictable at times. The biggest bass landed in my boat was an 8lb 14oz fish that was post spawn. Those really big fish ease up and spawn earlier than most think and then they escape the shallows before t...

By Seamus on 3/24/2023 6:33:18 PM • Views (30)
It looks like we will end the month of March with pretty mild temps however at the expense of being pretty soggy. Oh well that type of weather often makes for great fishing. With warming surface temps I expect that to be the case for next week! Speaking of surface temps we ended up the […] The post Captain Mack’s Fishing Report-March 24 2023 appea...

By Frisco Rod & Gun on 3/26/2023 9:35:42 PM • Views (16)
Today was warmer until midday when temps dropped. We got plenty of rain so there’s standing water in some spots on 12. The high was 73 while the low was 57. We’ve had light to moderate winds. Currently it’s 64 with S winds around 8mph. Tomorrow’s winds are predicted to start out light and end […] The post Hatteras Island Fishing Report appeared fi...

By Seamus on 3/25/2023 4:56:35 PM • Views (13)
Special day we had an inshore trip today we found live bait close to the bay that is the most effective for Rooster fishing we have 5 Rooster bites and we release 2 Roosters around 40 inches maybe 35 pounds 2 Blue jacks and a lot of needlefishes. great weather conditions and clear water. check […] The post March 21th Roosterfish inshore Quepos. ap...

By Seamus on 3/27/2023 5:28:12 AM • Views (12)
SUNRISE/ FIRST CAST-7:26  SUNSET/ LAST CAST-7:54 pm WEIGHT:  1 Oz and heavier BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Do not cross  All the bait and tackle you need for the spring run the piers the crappie and bluegill bass and catfish…..right here.   River conditions are still on the high side. Between the wind rain and water from … The post maumee river report- march...

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