Importing Fishing Spots Into Furuno


Importing our fishing maps into your Furuno GPS unit is easy. For some units, you can simply plugin your device or SD card and use the GPX file to import into your unit. 

Newer Models:

1.    Turn on your Furuno unit and let it boot up.

2.    Stick the SD card in the unit

3.    Click the “Menu” button, then “Files” and “Import Points & Routes” or "Import User Objects", select “Files

4.    Select “SD-Left” or “SD-Right” (depending on which slot you put it in).

5.    Select the GPX file and select “OK

6.    Click “Close” to exit the menu once done.

GP1971F Models:

1.    Insert SD card in either card slot.

2.    From the Home screen click on Settings > Files > User Data

3.    Tap Import From SD at Routes and Points.

4.    Select the file (GPX)

5.    After the equipment has imported the selected item, press the OK to close the pop up menu..

Older Models:

1.    Insert SD card in either card slot.

2.    Press the MENU key to open the menu.

3.    Open the [Files] menu.

4.    Select Import Points and Routes

5.    Rotate the RotoKey to select [Yes] then push the key

6.    A list of related files appears. Rotate the RotoKey to choose the file to import then push the key to import the selected file.

7.    After the equipment has imported the selected item, press the MENU key to close the menu.

GP-7000 Units:

Insert SD card before turning on the power to the unit.

Supported Furuno Units

Furuno ModelMax WaypointsMemory Card
GP-3910000USB Flash Drive
NavNet 3D2000SD
13 GPS Units

We have over 1,200,000 fishing spots in our database. You can only see half of the fishing spots on our Fishing Spots Map. Our hotspots are based on known fishing spots (buoys, reefs, wrecks, ledges, myths, lies, and hearsay from retired captains.

Fishing Spots Maps for GPS Units

If you are looking for GPS coordinates of fishing spots for your GPS Unit, you have come to the right place. We provide GPS files that can easily be imported into many of the popular boat and car navigation units. We also provide a KML file to open the spots in Google Earth. Don't see your area?

Make a request and we will add it!