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We are truly fortunate that there are so many excellent places to fish within easy traveling distance of Camden, Rockport, Rockland and Union. We offer bass fishing and pike fishing trips on local lakes and ponds. Early and late season trout fishing trips, Striper fishing trips in nearby coastal rivers, trips designed for fishing with families and trips where you can learn to fly fish.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 4/8/2024 6:59:00 PM • Views (0)
Balancing well enough to strut up the boat trailer without taking an unexpected plunge. Over the years folks have marveled at my seemingly effortless boat-loading skills. Truth be told it's become second nature to me. The real magic? Stepping out of...

By Seamus on 4/4/2024 7:34:00 AM • Views (1)
Yes it is snowing this morning this is my view out the office window as I start my workday. A good old-fashioned snowstorm with maybe 6 inches on the ground so far. The wind howled out of the east last night but has dropped off this morning with onl...

By Seamus on 4/2/2024 6:56:17 AM • Views (0)
Looking at the forecast and the various weather maps it appears we are likely to experience a significant snowstorm this week. Despite having only a little snow all winter it seems last season has decided that it is not done with us even if it is we...

By Seamus on 3/21/2024 10:32:19 AM • Views (2)
March in Maine often surprises us with a dusting of white reminding us that winter still holds its grip even as spring tiptoes closer. We've been relishing the warmer days a welcome relief after a winter that seemed hesitant to show its face. But do...

By Seamus on 3/19/2024 9:34:00 AM • Views (2)
I finally caved and invested in a fresh set of rain gear. When your livelihood depends on guiding outdoor excursions rain or shine this becomes a routine expense. Over the past four decades I reckon I've gone through about ten maybe a dozen sets of...

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