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We are truly fortunate that there are so many excellent places to fish within easy traveling distance of Camden, Rockport, Rockland and Union. We offer bass fishing and pike fishing trips on local lakes and ponds. Early and late season trout fishing trips, Striper fishing trips in nearby coastal rivers, trips designed for fishing with families and trips where you can learn to fly fish.

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Latest News

By Seamus on 9/22/2022 9:54:00 AM • Views (35)
There can be no doubt about it now fall is here. The signs have been there that it was on the horizon for some time fewer family fishing trips the changing light and even needing to find my headlamp so I can see to prepare for trips in the morning....

By Seamus on 9/14/2022 7:51:26 AM • Views (28)
I have always been proud of my ability to accommodate almost any situation a client presents. Making it possible for several in wheelchairs over the years and being able to change the seats in the boat so someone can fish sitting down or as was the...

By Seamus on 9/6/2022 4:01:26 PM • Views (46)
It is a great privilege to share outdoor experiences with you. From seeing a new species of bird or a seal or some part of this place it is a big part of what I get to do every day.

By Seamus on 8/8/2022 7:57:43 AM • Views (52)
We have been though a hot dry stretch; this morning things are feeling much better.  There are showers in the forecast every day this week and temperatures are a little cooler this morning. Still too warm in my book but we are past the heat advisori...

By Seamus on 7/22/2022 3:50:19 PM • Views (69)
This morning I was sending directions to a client on how to find the boat launch where we are planning to meet in a few weeks. I always check the links I send to be sure they work and this one was certainly a surprise. There in Google Maps you can p...

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