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By Frisco Rod & Gun on 2/8/2023 6:59:48 PM • Views (1)
Today’s high was 67 while the low was 54. Winds have been light to gentle. Currently it’s 54 with SW winds at 4mph. Tomorrow’s winds will be similar to today’s but should increase slightly into the evening. We’ll also experience similar temps. Prett...

By Seamus on 2/8/2023 4:27:22 PM • Views (7)
Crystal River is a renowned fishing destination in Florida famous for its picturesque waterways and thriving fish populations. With an abundance of species to target anglers of all levels can...

By Seamus on 2/8/2023 11:44:24 AM • Views (8)
Reports from anglers overnight from yesterday showed they had pretty good luck.  Some nice sized C/R Walleye were reported.  A couple big ones lost in the hole in two houses.  Also some decent Perch action was had in shallow water. Perch were also i...

By Seamus on 2/8/2023 9:38:00 AM • Views (7)
We have seen films featured on the Montana Fishing Film Festival program over the years seems hard to believe it has been running 10 years. Above is the teaser for this year’s event. If you want to find more Trailers and Information on the event clic...

By Seamus on 2/7/2023 7:59:12 PM • Views (1)
We're about 20 miles out catching a lot of saugers with some big walleye mixed in. Fishing in 32-34 feet of water we're getting best results on glow baits.

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