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Picking the right color fishing lures can be all the difference between a good and bad day of fishing. Increase your odds of catching a big one by using one of our recommendations.

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18 Aug 16
Mostly sunny skies warm temps light north winds. Water is flat clean waves 0 - 1. Yesterday:  Reds Bonito Tarpon Spanish...

19 Aug 16
Partly cloudy skies warm and humid calm winds. Water is flat clean wafes 0 - 1. Yesterday:  Reds Spanish Lady fish Hard...

21 Aug 16
Cloudy day periods of rain west winds. Water has a light chop very grassy in sure fair further out waves 1 - 2. Yesterda...

17 Aug 16
Partly cloudy skies warm temps north east winds. Water is flat clearing up waves 1 - 2. Yesterday:  Reds Bonito Tarpon S...