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Fishing Status has 29583 Banks, Canyons, Humps, Ledges, Rocks, Seamounts, Shoals, and Trenches in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, ledges , rocks, and other rocky or hilly structure are fish magnets that many call home.

Please check your local laws before fishing or diving on any of the rocks provided in our database.


Most Popular Rocks

By xfernal on 12/28/2020 • Views (17724)
280 Rocks at this point is 348 feet deep. There are ledges and rocks in this area and the Gulf Stream pushes up bait and fish from the deep. This area is one of the most popular tuna fishing areas off Hatteras and is known to hold Yellowfin much of the year.

By Seamus on 9/7/2015 • Views (7154)
The Mackerel Bank is a hump and bank in the Gulf of Santa Catalina. It sits just offshore to the East of San Clemente Island. The highest point of this bank is Emory Knoll which is 1920 feet deep. The base of the hump sits in over 3600 feet of water.  This area has been well known to frequently hold Mackerel, a favorite bait of Bluefi...

By xfernal on 12/8/2020 • Views (7048)
Good Snowy Grouper, Vermillion Snapper, and Speckled Hind fishing on Push Button Hill. The South and East side holds more Snowy Grouper.  This is also a great place to troll for Dolphinfish, Tuna, and Wahoo. 

By Sam on 12/6/2015 • Views (6461)
Midnight Lump is 21 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River at Southwest Pass. The top of the lump is 206 feet deep and the base is at a depth of about 360 feet. This is a popular spot for Wahoo and Tuna. 

By Seamus on 12/28/2020 • Views (6006)
The Rock Pile, is probably the most famous fishing spot off Hatteras and South of The Point. A ridge of rocky structure in 180 feet of water that runs from the Southwest to the Northeast is frequently the area that many fish are caught. Billfish are frequently caught, as well as Wahoo and some tuna. Many boats start their day in this area while w...

By Seamus on 5/6/2014 • Views (5697)

By Seamus on 1/1/2021 • Views (5644)
Name PASCO REEF #4 County PASCO Depth (in feet) 27 Relief (in feet) 8 Description "272 PIECES OF CONCRETE 1RST OF TWO LOADS" Date of Deployment June 3 1998 Primary Material CONCRETE CULVERTS Tonnage 317 Coordinates 28.37096667, -82.94998333

By Seamus on 1/9/2014 • Views (5368)
Seamount in Gulf Stream near continental shelf offshore of Monroe County. Depth reported around 409 feet.

By Seamus on 4/13/2011 • Views (4500)
Name PAVILION KEY 6 MILE REEF County COLLIER Depth (in feet) 18 Relief (in feet) 0 Description LOWERED BY CRANE TO THE BOTTOM (NOT LOCATED 12/01) Date of Deployment April 28 1989 Primary Material CONCRETE CULVERTS Tonnage 0 Coordinates 25.68833333, -81.46666667

By xfernal on 4/15/2017 • Views (4495)
This is a good place for bottom fishing as well as trolling for billfish and yellowfin tuna.

By Seamus on 4/22/2011 • Views (4473)
Edithburg. Snapper. 35 07 80 137 53 30 35'06.369 137'55.925 AGD84

By Seamus on 4/14/2015 • Views (4443)
Nice ledges and drops in this area that holds fish year round.

By xfernal on 1/20/2016 • Views (4427)
600' deep and a good place for deep drops.

By Seamus on 3/20/2011 • Views (4226)
33.8755 -78.2255

By Seamus on 4/13/2011 • Views (3950)
Name CITRUS #2 BIG BEND REEFS County CITRUS Depth (in feet) 26 Relief (in feet) 3 Description 96 PRE-FABRICATED CUBES ONE METER ON A SIDE-50M SPACED HEXAGON Date of Deployment June 20 1995 Primary Material MODULES CONCRETE CUBES (96) Tonnage 120 Coordinates 28.91298333, -82.88285

By xfernal on 11/4/2012 • Views (3912)
21 Mile Hill

By xfernal on 3/19/2015 • Views (3766)
The 230 Rocks off Hatteras are composed of ledges and rocks and usually a break is in the area. This is a good area to work and troll north toward 280 rocks. Lots of tuna, including Yellowfin are caught in this area.

By Seamus on 6/9/2012 • Views (3593)

By xfernal on 7/3/2013 • Views (3280)
Cowpens Cut is a cut that connects Key Largo to Islamorada. 

By xfernal on 11/30/2015 • Views (3225)
The Triple Ledge 31° 16.769  79° 52.069

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