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Fishing Status has 42653 Banks, Canyons, Humps, Ledges, Rocks, Seamounts, Shoals, and Trenches in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, ledges , rocks, and other rocky or hilly structure are fish magnets that many call home.

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By xfernal on 6/2/2016 • Views (2643)
The Pamlico Point Shoal Lighthouse was screwpile light station that was built on Gull Shoal near Pamlico Point in November of 1891 by the United States Coast Guard. The light station was hexagonal shaped, and approximately 8 miles off of Pamlico Point. All that is left is the beams for the foundation but fish can be caught around it.

By Seamus on 9/19/2021 • Views (2634)
 Lasuen Knoll 

By Seamus on 4/26/2017 • Views (2610)

By Seamus on 2/24/2016 • Views (2609)

By Seamus on 1/13/2018 • Views (2591)

By myruca on 7/30/2014 • Views (2596)

By Seamus on 4/27/2023 • Views (2575)
Located 3 nautical miles East of Plumtree Point, between Back River and the Poquoson River, lies the circular reef site named Back River Reef. This site consists of forty concrete igloos, positioned 50 feet apart in the shape of an "X" with legs running in the Northwest-Southeast and Northeast-Southwest directions. The depth of the reef...

By xfernal on 1/13/2017 • Views (2552)
Good hump off the point that had ledges on either side. Good Striped bass area.

By Seamus on 4/11/2013 • Views (2556)

By Seamus on 12/24/2021 • Views (2543)
Cockburn Sound. Herring, Tailor, Snapper, Squid, King George Whiting, Salmon, Trevally. Water depth 6 - 10m.

By YorkRiverCharters on 11/7/2014 • Views (2532)
Had an awesome night of light tackle striped bass fishing with U.S. Navy Petty Officer Eric H., attached to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Detachment in Rota, Spain. We both lost count at 30+ fish landed in less than 4 hours!  

By Seamus on 3/8/2022 • Views (2540)
The Norwegian merchant freighter Benwood (360'x51') . The Benwood came to rest stern-to on a sandy slope in approximately 25 feet (7.6 m) to 45 feet (14 m) of water between Dixie Shoals (to the north) and French Reef (to the south) off of Key Largo, Florida.

By Seamus on 4/4/2021 • Views (2526)
BAHIA BEACH REEF (BAY) REEF#3 Depth (in feet) 19 Relief (in feet) 8 Description CONCRETE BRIDGE DECKING RAILINGS AND RUBBLE FROM TREASURE ISLAND CAUSEWAY Date of Deployment February 24 2006 Primary Material BRIDGE RUBBLE Tonnage 54.26 

By Seamus on 5/6/2011 • Views (2503)
28.887383333333 -82.828933333333

By Seamus on 4/13/2011 • Views (2497)
Name NAPLES PIER REEF County COLLIER Depth (in feet) 22 Relief (in feet) 3 Description "WIDELY SCATTERED PILES CONFIRMED BY RBF GRANT FWCC-01002" Date of Deployment June 17 1995 Primary Material CONCRETE CULVERTS Tonnage 250 Coordinates 26.13025, -81.84505

By xfernal on 12/10/2016 • Views (2488)
Good ledge for snapper and gags

By Sam on 8/19/2015 • Views (2446)
The Steps  

By xfernal on 1/27/2016 • Views (2436)
Iztapa Canyon

By xfernal on 1/20/2016 • Views (2425)
West Hump is located about 27 miles southeast of Marathon. It is an excellent place to catch Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, and Mahi.

By Seamus on 6/20/2019 • Views (2421)

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By xfernal on 1/20/2024 • Views (86)
This spot is the center of a ledge that runs for at least half a mile. The eighth of a mile or so to the east northeast and west southwest of this spot holds Golden Tilefish. I suspect there is more in the area. 

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (65)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (84)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (58)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (55)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (57)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (64)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (46)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (52)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (39)