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Fishing Status has 42653 Banks, Canyons, Humps, Ledges, Rocks, Seamounts, Shoals, and Trenches in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, ledges , rocks, and other rocky or hilly structure are fish magnets that many call home.

Please check your local laws before fishing or diving on any of the rocks provided in our database.


Most Popular Rocks

By xfernal on 2/16/2017 • Views (2392)
Pourtales Escarpment

By Seamus on 6/20/2019 • Views (2383)

By Seamus on 7/5/2013 • Views (2380)
This bank had a depth of 76'. The ledge drops a few feet and it long. Grouper May/June and Oct. / Nov.  Good place to troll for kings.

By xfernal on 3/31/2017 • Views (2352)
Area with live bottom.

By xfernal on 2/27/2016 • Views (2316)
Good place to catch Swordfish. Nice ledge that drops hundreds of feet quickly.

By xfernal on 2/4/2016 • Views (2312)
Deep spot not far offshore. Good place to troll.

By Seamus on 5/17/2013 • Views (2390)
Average Depth: 58' Buoy Location in GPS ddm: 34° 34.350' / 076° 58.300' LORAN Coordinates: 27162.4 / 39545.3 General Location: 129° M, 7.0 nm from the Bogue Inlet sea buoy Material Deployment Date(s) GPS  (Decimal Minutes) Railroad boxcars: 9 Railroad flatcars: 1 29-Nov-86 34° 34.300' / 076° 58.3...

By xfernal on 6/29/2017 • Views (2290)
La Perouse Point

By xfernal on 12/26/2016 • Views (2287)
Small ledge that is good to work for flounder and redfish.

By xfernal on 9/20/2021 • Views (2280)
Good Snook fishing here, especially in the fall. You can catch small Gag Grouper around the rocks.Speckled Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Mangrove Snapper and Pinfish are common as well.

By xfernal on 3/13/2018 • Views (2264)
This is a good spot to catch Giant Trevally or Ulua. Live mullet is the bait of choice for many. There are also many different reef fish found here. I caught a Christmas Wrasse and Brown Unicornfish here. 

By Seamus on 3/20/2011 • Views (2235)
34.243381 -77.308897

By xfernal on 3/19/2016 • Views (2204)
Good ledge off the island here that goes down to the river channel. Good place to work for bass.

By xfernal on 12/7/2016 • Views (2196)
3 foot ledge that holds grouper and snapper.

By Seamus on 4/13/2011 • Views (2145)
Name MARATHON REEF County MONROE Depth (in feet) 115 Relief (in feet) 0 Description 1982 MARATHON'S VACA CUT BRIDGE SPANS Date of Deployment December 31 1982 Primary Material BRIDGE SPANS CONCRETE Tonnage 0 Coordinates 24.6398, -80.95925

By xfernal on 1/27/2016 • Views (2143)
Nice deep water hump.

By xfernal on 7/4/2016 • Views (2140)
Money Rock

By Seamus on 12/5/2018 • Views (2136)

By Seamus on 1/15/2022 • Views (2115)
The Islamorada Hump is probably the most well known fishing spot in the Florida Keys. The hump or seamount is in Gulf Stream near Continental Shelf offshore of Monroe County or about 16n miles offshore of Islamorada. The hump rises to 290 feet from the surface and holds a variety of fish year round. 

By Seamus on 5/6/2011 • Views (2124)
28.8658833333333 -83.1614166666667

  6  [7]  8    

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Latest and Updated Rocks

By xfernal on 1/20/2024 • Views (53)
This spot is the center of a ledge that runs for at least half a mile. The eighth of a mile or so to the east northeast and west southwest of this spot holds Golden Tilefish. I suspect there is more in the area. 

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (66)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (50)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (43)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (42)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (43)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (50)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (39)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (35)

By Seamus on 12/29/2023 • Views (29)