Brush Piles, Grass, Timber, and Weeds

Fishing Status has 4651 Brush Piles, Grass Beds, Lily Pads, Timber/Trees, and Weed Beds in the database. Providing cover and shelter to many different species of fish, vegetation of all types are fish magnets that many call home.

Please check your local laws before fishing or diving on any of the fishing spots/areas provided in our database.


Most Popular Vegetation

By Seamus on 8/11/2021 • Views (6662)
An area of live bottom with coral, rocks, and vegetation supporting many species of fishm including Red Snapper, Triggeirfish, Black Seabass, Vermilion Snapper, Gag Grouper, Scamps, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Greater Amberjack, Mahi and Wahoo. Productive fishing can be had via bottom fishing as well as trolling for pelagics. 

By GSpots on 2/19/2021 • Views (3309)
This underwater cypress forest is estimated to be 52,000 years old. They were buried in sediment, but were likely uncovered by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.   The stumps of the cypress trees span an area estimated at 0.5 square miles (1.3 kilometers), approximately 10 miles off the beach, and sit about 60 feet (18 meters) below the sur...

By xfernal on 12/2/2016 • Views (2806)
Grassy Key Bank

By xfernal on 1/13/2017 • Views (2112)
Good hump with brush in this area.

By Seamus on 4/10/2020 • Views (1621)

By xfernal on 11/23/2016 • Views (1364)
Fig Tree Point

By xfernal on 2/12/2018 • Views (1344)
Lily Pads

By xfernal on 3/12/2021 • Views (1304)
Lots of nice riprap to work here. Usually some grass on the other side. Also, make sure to hit the boat docks along the outside.

By Seamus on 10/14/2014 • Views (1182)
"As told to me by Jimmy "WooWoo" Harker many years ago, "Shack was actually once covered in trees. Then they cut a clearing from one side of the island to the other to carry supplies from one side to the other. If boats had some sort of ballast onboard they would dump it before they got too shallow so they could pull right onto the beach and unlo...

By lifesabeach81 on 3/17/2017 • Views (1107)
Morning good frog or afternoon Texas or Carolina Rig

By xfernal on 12/1/2015 • Views (1018)
This point comes real close to a channel. There is vegetation on the sides and a good place for drum and flounder.

By Seamus on 4/22/2011 • Views (982)
Small reef, ribbon weed and

By Seamus on 3/20/2016 • Views (962)

By xfernal on 1/27/2017 • Views (959)
Good bass fishing in timber.

By Seamus on 3/28/2018 • Views (920)

By lifesabeach81 on 4/19/2018 • Views (852)

By xfernal on 9/10/2017 • Views (837)
Broken Bottom

By xfernal on 3/6/2016 • Views (799)
Good field of lily pads that hold bait and bass.

By xfernal on 9/10/2017 • Views (776)
Broken Bottom

By Seamus on 4/22/2011 • Views (779)
Slimy Mackerel, King George Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, 34 59 400 138 24 000 WGS84 Garfish, Shark. Broken bottom with single pinnicle. Water depth 16 - 20m.

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By Seamus on 5/25/2022 • Views (82)

By Seamus on 5/25/2022 • Views (42)

By Seamus on 5/25/2022 • Views (36)

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By Seamus on 5/25/2022 • Views (42)

By Seamus on 5/25/2022 • Views (28)

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