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The weather has been beautiful allowing quite a few boats to make it out yesterday and today. Docks were full of yellow fin tuna and big eye tuna along with wahoo! As long as the weather cooperates we want you fishing! To book your next fishing experience give us a call at 252-441-6301 or check us out at

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Get off the couch and fish with us on the Big Eye 2 for 1990’s prices!!  We need it and you do also.  Enjoy a stress free half day fishing  inshore for Cubera Snapper Seabass and if the Dorado are close will got find them. Half Day Inshore for $500 From Now through October The post COVID 19 – GET OFF THE COUCH AND FISH – SPECIAL OFFER appeared fir...

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In Summary: Please send all questions and pictures to We’ve recently received notice that customer emails have not been received. If you’ve provided recent catches and they have not been posted please try resending. As mentioned previously we will … Continue reading →

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Air:  88°/ 78° Water:  Sea of Cortez 85° / Pacific 80° Humidity:  65 % Wind:  11 mph Fish Available: Striped Marlin Blue Marlin Yellowfin Tuna Dorado/Mahi Today&rsquos Date: September 03 2020 Monthly Fishing Report: This month we had a couple of storms that kept the Cabo San Lucas port closed some days so production fell...