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Drone Baits, designed and tested in the early 1900's, are the original saltwater spoons. Due to their impressive fishing record, Drone Baits are one of the most copied lures in existence. But in spite of this copying, there is no other lure with quite the erratic, strike-bringing action of the Drone. Read More
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L.B. Huntington Company

L.B. Huntington Company

L. B. Huntington Company Inc., home of the ORIGINAL DRONE SPOON and DRONE PLANER since 1918. The DRONE spoon is the original artificial fishing lure. First marketed in 1922, this bait was designed and developed by a fisherman (especially) for fishermen. No other spoon displays quite the same erratic strike-bringing action of a DRONE. We offer two series of DRONE spoons -- Original, and "Eco Lures." DRONE spoons are offered in more than a dozen sizes and colors, with or without reflective prismatic tape that's available in fifteen colors. DRONE Planers are designed to get your lures down deep without much weight, so that you can fight the fish and not the terminal tackle. DRONE planers are available in a variety of sizes for use in many different fishing conditions from shallower bays and estuaries to the ocean.

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