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Bonnethead Shark

Species Information

Scientific Name:Sphyrna tiburo
Environment:Inshore, Nearshore, Surf
Ideal Temp:
Technique:Bottom Fishing
Lure Type:Bottom Rig
World Record:
Other Names:bonnethead shark, shovelnose shark, shovelhead shark, shovel head shark, shovel nose shark, bonnet head shark

Latest Bonnethead Shark Fishing Reports and Spots

Great Day of Fishing Amelia Island - 11/3/2022 7:19:00 PM

 I noticed that the forecast called for the wind picking up this morning but I knew we had a little window to get in some good fishing so when (View)

Trout Queen at Amelia Island - 10/25/2022 7:12:00 PM

  Back to work today after a nice vacation to the North Carolina mountains! I met Bob Blalock and his brother and sister in-law Tommy and Marth (View)

That's Him! - 10/14/2022 5:17:00 PM

 I fished with Mike Maguth yesterday and today opting for afternoon trips to fish  high but outgoing tides. It took two trips to get our Code W (View)

No Credit Needed - 10/7/2022 7:11:00 PM

Oh boy what a beautiful morning we had today! I had met Chuck and Marca Benton and their daughter Kristin out at the Goffinsville Park as the s (View)

Win Some Lose Some - 9/21/2022 4:38:00 PM

We had  a beautiful morning today when I met Bob Miller and his brother Dan down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp. The tide was high here and just (View)

Nice Flounder and Big Trout - 8/3/2022 4:21:00 PM

  I fished north today meeting Sam Dworetzky and his fiancée Ashlee and her parents Bonnie and Phil up at the Dee Dee Bartels Park. We ran nort (View)

Bull-ish Red In The Backwater - 7/29/2022 10:13:00 PM

  I wrapped my week up today fishing with John Raker and his friend Kenny King meeting them out at the Goffinsville Park boat ramp early. The t (View)

Slam In The Box - 7/24/2022 4:23:00 PM

 We had a beautiful Sunday morning when I met the Huffman group down at Sawpit Creek boat ramp-Jacob and his father Kevin and brother Gunner. W (View)

Banner Day and Busted Bragging Rights - 7/26/2022 3:58:00 PM

They only come around once in a while but when you have one of those Banner Days you have to make the best of it and that's what this trio of a (View)

Good To Be Back Fishing! - 7/13/2022 3:45:00 PM

My first trip back from bad engine nightmare!  I met Len Pelletiere and his grandson Scott down at the Sawpit Creek boat ramp early and we head (View)