Correct Waders Maintenance Tips

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Many fishermen use waders to fish in the hardest-to-reach areas. With the passage of time and the fishing outlets, some signs of wear (leaks, less opalescent effect) may appear. Do not worry, keeping the waders in good condition is not especially difficult. We explain how to easily take care of and repair the waders so that you can take advantage of several more seasons.

After each exit, we recommend that you rinse them with soap and water to remove any debris from the outlet (sand, earth, mud, etc.). 
Dry well inside and outside the waders. You will prevent the development of bacteria. We recommend drying them in a dry place at room temperature. Exposure to the sun could deteriorate the pearl treatment. 
You can also disinfect the inside of the waders with a disinfectant spray.
Detect a filtration in 3 stages
Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish small leaks with the naked eye. Find out how to easily identify them in three steps. 
     - Step 1 : hang the waders upside down, and previously dried, by the straps. 
     - Step 2 : Fill the leg with water that you think is pierced.  
     - Step 3 : Point the escape point with a permanent marker and wait for it to dry.
Neoprene waders:

In the waders of this material, the filtration is plugged with a point of neoprene glue. Let the glue dry for approximately 24 hours.

 Breathable Waders:
To repair a leak on a breathable waddle, you will need an iron and a repair kit for  Breathable waders.




Step 1 : Turn the waders upside down. The inside must be exposed. 
Step 2 : mark the escape zone.
Step 3: Cut a piece large enough to cover the cut.
Step 4 : Place the piece of cloth on the cut.
Step 5 : Plant it at 130 ° C. Keep the iron on for 20 seconds. 
Step 6 : The filtration is already repaired.  


Pearlescent TREATMENT:

It is possible that after several fishing sessions, the pearl treatment loses effectiveness. The opalescent effect is what causes the water to slip through the surface. To renew its effectiveness, you can apply waterproofing spray on the waders. 
You already have waders for many more outings in wading.

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