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Michael Mcfadyen Converted Ly-Ee-Moon. Screw steamer; built as a paddle steamer, 1202 tons or 1001 tons. #28737. Built at Blackwall, England, 1859; reg. Sydney, 19/1878. Lbd 282.4 x 27.3 x 16.6 ft. She was the fastest paddle steamer launches in England, with a speed of 17 knots. Two funnels and three evenly-spaced masts gave her a pleasing appearance. Described as being 'an almost sister' to the Royal yacht, Victoria and Albert. A long, low vessel with two thin funnels and three masts all stepped with a marked rake ‘giving the ship a most dishonest appearance’. At her trials she exceeded the ‘sensational speed’ of 17 knots, and was at the time the fastest vessel to have been built in the UK. She had a rather colourful career. In 1860 she was employed as a blockade runner off Charleston during the American Civil War, then in 1872 having been sold to ‘Far East interests’, was rammed and sunk while at anchor in Hong Kong harbour having given service in the China Sea as a mail runner - picking up mail for her owner and selected merchants in a southern port (probably Singapore) and speeding up to Hong Kong with advanced market information for a selected few. Was raised, the paddle removed, and converted to sail before returning to England for reconstruction, which included conversion to screw propulsion in 1873; gross register now 1925 tons. She mde several trips to Australia; arrived in Sydney in 1876, where her yacht-like lines attracted considerable attention, but she was almost destroyed on 4 November 1877 when fire gutted her pasenger accomodation during a refit, being scuttled to extinguish the fires. With an extra deck added she became an extremely popular intercolonial vessel. Purchased in 1878 by the A.S.N.Co. . Under Captain A. Webber, she left Melbourne for Sydney on 29 May 1886. A day later she met her end on the rocks close under the Green Cape lighthouse. She was carrying a large complement of passengers for Sydney and Brisbane, many of whom were journeying north to escape the Victorian winter. Her saloon passengers were 23 adults and three children; steerage passengers numbered nineteen. The following evening she passed Gabo Island before the ship ran on to a reef in full view of the lighthouse. With heavy seas pounding her, she broke in two almost immediately, and the forward section, containing the saloon and forecastle, was swept close in shore. Dozens were trapped below and drowned as the ocean swept through the ship, smashing internal fittings to matchwood.The foremast broke and fell across rocks close to the shore, allowing two sailors to reach safety. Then, with the aid of the light keepers a line was secured to the wreck, enabling 13 survivors, including the captain, to reach the reef at the foot of the lighthouse. Five saloon passengers and 11 members of the crew survived, but all the steerage passengers were lost - total of eighty lives lost. [LN],[NH],[LH],[LAH],[SAN],[DG],[#BNS],[WL],[DG] In 1872, rammed by a vessel and sank in Hong Kong harbour; raised, taken to England where her engines and boilers were replaced. @ Divers have visited the wreck but she lies in a precarious position, split in two, off the lighthouse at Green Cape, with wreckahe well scattered in shallow water
17000 0000

Structure Information:
Ly-ee-Moon is a Fishing Spot. A shipwreck or wreckage from a sunken vessel is located at this spot.

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GPS Coordinates

Degree, Decimal Minutes: 37º 15.823', 150º 03.087'
Decimal Degrees: -37.26372, 150.05145
Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 37º 15' 49.39", 150º 03' 05.22"

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