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Fistful Sportfishing is an Outer Banks Charter service that proudly customizes Outer Banks charter fishing adventures to the angler’s preferences and desires. We listen to YOU, the client, and make recommendations based on personal requests from the members in your party, the location and availability of desired targeted species, the sea and weather conditions as well as the overall expectations you have for your day. We love all-day hardcore off-shore Outer Banks charter fishing excursions for trophy billfish like marlin, backwater inshore sound fishing charters for striped bass, half-day charters for relaxing near-shore fun trips for spanish mackerel and everything in between. We strive to make every charter fishing trip, no matter what the style, the most memorable and enjoyable day you can experience.

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By Seamus on 10/25/2020 9:57:35 AM • Rank (19) • Views (19) •Comments(0)
I have caught so so many fish in the last three days on the float and fly.  The blitzing stripers are fussy as they feed on masses of small bay anchovies. The float and fly is the killer artificial to lure these fussy fish into hitting.  My float is a homemade wooden egg float and the fly is a homemade pink tailed Deceiver similar to what I use f...

By Seamus on 10/25/2020 9:57:01 AM • Rank (15) • Views (15) •Comments(0)
The hottest striper lure this week for me was not really a lure but a combination artificial.  It was the float and fly.  The hot fly was a homemade pink Deceiver while the float was a homemade wooden egg float. I had a three foot long section of 30 lb. test mono connecting the float to the fly. Stripers this week along the oceanfront were feedi...

By Seamus on 10/19/2020 7:01:28 PM • Rank (32) • Views (32) •Comments(0)
Ben Pickering holds a  schoolie landed after dark. The hot action continued into darkness.   For me it has been one blitz after another for the month of October thus far.  Striper fishing this month has been phenomenal here in RI.  But the blitz I hit today was probably the biggest I've seen this year.  My son so Ben and I hit the RI beachfront th...

By Seamus on 10/19/2020 7:01:28 PM • Rank (33) • Views (33) •Comments(0)

By Seamus on 10/14/2020 4:01:09 AM • Rank (29) • Views (29) •Comments(0)
We are in one of the hottest times of the year right now for fishing.  The are blitzes of fish coming off in multiple spots along the oceanfront daily.  Find the bait and you find the fish. In the last few days I hit some of the biggest blitzes of stripers that I have ever witnessed along the RI oceanfront.  Today's action was pandemonium as the...

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