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By Seamus on 7/26/2020 11:57:08 PM • Rank (12) • Views (18) •Comments(0)
(Salmo salar-born and raised in the Great Lakes.On a pelagic bait fish streamer) With our rivers blown out and flooding ( highest level at this time of year recorded!). might be time to look for Coho Kings Browns Steels and Atlantic's along the Great Lakes and large inland glacial lakes- surf. style!) I started experimenting with Great Lakes surf...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 11:57:08 PM • Rank (12) • Views (12) •Comments(0)
( Nexus book fly plate for FrostyFly/Hemingway- they are sick/and very fish-able and made of materials connected not molded facsimiles like some fly water does not allow) (Yesterday's care package from Boris- just in time for drakes!- get some!) In my Nexus book I introduced FrostyFly/Hemingway materials in the fly plates. The stuff is really amaz...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 11:57:07 PM • Rank (9) • Views (16) •Comments(0)
A fond look/ slide transparency collage back on this ever developing Great Lakes Atlantic salmon Mecca!- enjoy the ride! ( For you Johnny Giuliani:  aka Mayor of  Sault International and the proud Italian Papa G. Johnny Bugsy Miller: Catskill Mayfly master and the always young Pat O'boyle- fun days! and hopefully more coming soon  ( Maestro of th...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 11:57:07 PM • Rank (7) • Views (7) •Comments(0)
(my Gray Drake Super Submersible- lethal swinging when nothing is happening!- great for all banded-bodied/segmented mayflies/drakes) How many nights or mornings ( drakes BTW spinner fall at both times) have you driven to the stream or walked down from your cabin/lodge saying... tonight/this morning will be the one!- the hatch /spinner fall will ha...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 11:57:06 PM • Rank (9) • Views (14) •Comments(0)
Isonychia bicolor have just started as the drakes continue- (Bug Doctor J.G Miller image). John will be featured in my Entomo-Logique department/column in my new online journal coming in two weeks- stay tuned!) The heavy rains and storms have raise the rivers but lowered water temps. Perfect hatching conditions of the big meaty Isonychias. These...

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