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By Seamus on 8/1/2020 10:56:23 AM • Rank (21) • Views (27) •Comments(0)
Body:  On Monday offshore and bottom fishing boats did well with Wahoo and Triggerfish as well as a few Blackfin Tuna and Amberjack. Inshore boats had good catches of Spanish Mackerel Bluefish Speckled Trout and Red Drum. Teaser Image:  Gallery Images:

By Seamus on 8/1/2020 10:56:22 AM • Rank (31) • Views (37) •Comments(0)
Body:  Fishing was slow on Wednesday due to boats being held back by weather. We had one boat go offshore which brought back some Wahoo and bottom fish. A few inshore boats were still able to get out and brought back catches of Speckled Trout Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel. While some boats may still make it out over the next few days we expect fis...

By Seamus on 8/1/2020 10:56:21 AM • Rank (25) • Views (31) •Comments(0)
Body:  Fishing picked up on Thursday for the boats that did go out. Offshore brought in good amounts of Dolphin for most boats as well as several Wahoo. Inshore we had plenty of Speckled Trout some Bluefish Spanish Mackerel and Puppy Drum. We are also getting reports of large Flounder being caught and released gearing everyone up for the season op...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 10:51:52 PM • Rank (10) • Views (25) •Comments(0)
Body:  Offshore fishing remained on the slower side on Wednesday with many boats turning again to bottom fishing. That said we did see some Dolphin Wahoo Blackfin and Albacore Tuna thrown on the dock. There were several Triggerfish Rosefish and some Snow Grouper citations. Inshore fishing was busy with Bluefish Spanish Mackerel Speckled Trout and...

By Seamus on 7/26/2020 10:51:52 PM • Rank (8) • Views (23) •Comments(0)
Body:  Fishing continues to be fruitful for inshore boats! Thursday brought good amounts of Bluefish Speckled and Gray Trout Spanish Mackerel and a few Drum. Offshore boats brought in some Dolphin Tuna large Wahoo Barracuda Amberjack Tilefish Triggerfish and Sea Bass. We also had a group that got some nice African Pompano! CITATIONS: Richard Bauer...

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