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Kids Camp- Survival 7-1-2015
Survival camp here yesterday was on shelter building. Steph and the kids got down and dirty building a really nice struc...

Guided Drift Tours 6-29-2015
We have been running a lot of drift boat lately since we have had the water for it. Fishing has been decent with a smatt...

Stream Tour 6-30-2015
These guys were out to have some fun… and that we did. J.A.

Streamtour 7-1-2015
A little rain and high water doesn’t scare us. There is almost always a river that fishes well….. and we know where to f...

Charter Boat tours 7-2-2015
Im going Hex fishing tonight on the still water! It is the biggest Mayfly in North America and all species of fish key i...
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