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do i need to format an sd card?
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PTAHOLCOMB posted: 2257 days ago :: Rank: (7) :: Comments(0) - Categories: Support

I just got a lowrance elite 4 hdi ff/chart plotter w/Gold navionics sd card...Please forgive the excitement throughout the following, moving up from a garmin 550 with bluchart and spots i've been to on others boats, i'm like a kid in a candy store!

1. does the sd card used to upload the spots i download from your site need to be formatted a specific way?

2. is there a special sd card to use? (can the photo ones work or is it a data card)

3. can i upload the card with file folders labeled for instance wrecks 2-5 miles out, wrecks 5-8 miles out, west wrecks, east wrecks, etc. and have the ability to draw from the specific file the area i want to fish that way i can reduce chart clutter?



Re: do i need to format an sd card?

Posted: Sat, Aug 23, 2014 9:13 AM
1. You will want to use the provided *.usr file for your Lowrance.

2. Any SD card will work, but for some units a card 8GB or less is suggested as some units cannot use the bigger cards. However, my Lowrance Elite 7 works fine with a 16GB card.

3. If you want to edit spots, I suggest you load the KML file in Google Earth and make changes as necessary, and then convert the file back to .USR file for your Lowrance using GPSBabel.