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Sam posted: 1623 days ago :: Rank: (3) :: Comments(0) - Categories: Support
What is the accuracy of the fishing spots and how often are they updated?


Re: Accuracy of Fishing Spots

Posted: Thu, May 19, 2016 8:52 AM
The data for these fishing spots come from thousands of different sources, including Federal/State/Regional databases of artificial reefs/geological features/shipwrecks, thousands submitted by FS users, acquired databases, generous donors, retired captains, etc. Not only are there thousands of public spots, but you will also find many liberated private fishing spots.

With over 300,000 fishing spots in the database, there is bound to be a few that are wrong, but the vast majority are spot on. If you do find one that is wrong, as a subscriber you will have the ability to edit any public spots and correct any information. However, you will have to look long and hard to find any that are incorrect.

All 100 mile radius saltwater maps and 30 mile radius lake maps are updated on schedule every 2 weeks. All custom maps are created in real time. Last year we updated over 65,000 spots with additional information such as descriptions and depths. In the past month over 6,000 new spots were added to the database. We are constantly adding and updating information on the site so you always will have the latest and best information available.