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xfernal posted: 3091 days ago :: Rank: (10) :: Comments(0) - Categories: Support
Personally I have 26 different lakes, rivers and tributaries to fish by boat, float tube or walking in here in Texas. Not counting on tournaments we fish here in Texas/Oklahoma/Arkanas or Louisiana_ that can take us to another twenty big name lakes as well. I ama former writer for primarily fishing magazines and would like to share some of me and my son-in-laws fishing trips. Expand your places within the app to search usiing the "+" such as Lake+Fork+Texas+Alba, in this case I know the city nearest the main marina which is more efficient since there are over twenty boat ramps.

Also it is very difficult having to change from portrait to landscape to see what your writing causes typos.

Keep up the great work so far.

James Bess


Re: Incorporate more "Places"

Posted: Sun, May 06, 2012 4:50 PM
Currently, we are NOT using keyword based search for hotspots. If you would like to do that, please use the regular search page:

The Hotspot search uses the latitude/longitude of the place searched, in order to find all places within 50 miles of the city. Example:,%20texas

There are over 100 spots within 50 miles of Lake Fork, Texas. You can use paging at the bottom to navigate the results. If you just want to find a specific lake, please use the regular search.