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The trout fishing over the break has been quite good, especially up around the Eildon region. Whether you're fishing the pondage, or rivers it's going pretty well.

Customer Anel has been on a trout bender up around Eildon, with the Goulburn his main hunting ground. Anel has been walking the rivers casting a myriad of hardbodied lures and racking up numbers of fish. Anel prefers to release his trout and keep fishing, and over the course of a few days he has landed plenty of fish, with some nice browns to around 1.5kg. Anel has found the 'new' double clutch colours very effective as well as the Megabass X70 jerkbaits. Fishing close by customer Zoran has also landed some solid trout on bait. Zoran has been fishing a coarse method with 'specialist trout dough' and a crushed berley pellet mix to land fish to over 2kg. 

Customer Bojan has fished the Goulburn recently also, to land some nice big rainbow trout. Some of these larger trout are thanks to Victorian fisheries who stocked the pondage just prior to Christmas, with fish to 6kg going in. While many of these fish are still being caught in the pondage, there have been fish coming from the river as far down as Breakaway.

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