Full Moon Fishing Report

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April 18th 2019 – As another cold front approaches we also have the full moon on Friday. Will this be the last front of the year? who knows? The weather is always a game of craps this time of the year and it can have its effect on the fishing.. Here at Dream Catcher Charters we have been super busy fishing inshore and offshore fishing charters. Its that time of the year. Fishing Report Inshore things are “ok”. The tarpon fishing season is in full swing but the migration has not begun yet. We are seeing lots of fish in various locations but the bite has been tough. Tarpon Fishing Report. The rod bending has been stellar with great catches of snappers and trout for lunch and the lady fish, jacks and occasional barracudas purely for the excitement of fishing. Flats fishing the permit are getting scarce as they are headed to the reef for the yearly spawn but we are seeing a good number of bonefish to keep our anglers happy with shots at one of the big three. Reef fishing has been very good. Of course we are all anticipating the opening of Grouper season here in the [...]
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Bonefish, barracuda, tarpon
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