Yellowedge Grouper

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Scientific Name: Hyporthodus flavolimbatus
Ideal Temp: 59-73°F (15-23°C)
Environment: Offshore
Technique: Bottom Fishing
Lure Type: Bottom Rig
World Record: 46 pounds, 2 ounces - Virginia Beach - 2008

Yellowedge Grouper are found in deep-waters of the western Atlantic from North Carolina to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. 


They are a longlived, slow growing species that changes sex (from female to male) as they grow. The Yellowedge Grouper, Epinephelus flavolimbatus, is similar in appearance to the Snowy Grouper, but can be distinguished by the bright yellow color of its eyes and edges of fins. 

This fish can be found in 200-900 feet of water on bottom in the western Atlantic from North Carolina to southern Brazil, especially along the continental shelf break and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They’ll be found around both rocky and soft sand and mud bottoms. 

Grouper live at least 15 years and grow to 1110 mm. Like their close relative, snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper are believed to be protogynous hermaphrodites. Sex reversal may take place over a wide range of sizes, but has usually occurred by the time a fish reaches 850 mm (Keener, 1984). Yellowedge grouper normally mature between ages five and six (450 to 469 mm). Spawning occurs from April to October with a September peak, and eggs and larvae are pelagic.

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