Blueline Tilefish

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Scientific Name: Caulolatilus microps
Ideal Temp: 59-73°F (15-23°C)
Environment: Offshore
Technique: Bottom Fishing
Lure Type: Bottom Rig
World Record: 9.3 kg (20 lb 8 oz) Norfolk Canyon, Virginia, USA
The blueline tilefish is a dull olive-gray overall and white below. The lack of fleshy protuberance behind the head distiguishes it from the commercially important tilefish, Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps. Elongate, continuous dorsal and anal fins more than half the length of body, long snout, narrow gold stripe underlined in blue from snout to tip of eye. Strong, flat spine on gill cover.

The blueline tilefish is a bottom dweller found in water ranging from 240-780 feet deep, from Virginia to the Campeche Banks of Mexico. It is frequently found in the same habitat as groupers and snappers, preffering irregular bottom with sand, mud and shell hash. It is usually found in bottom water temperatures of 59° to 73° F. It has been found to burrow head first in cone-shaped sand piles. It may grow to be 32 inches and live up to 15 years. Spawning occurs from May to October, and females may lay more than 4 million free-floating eggs (Hermaphrodism is suspected to occur in this species). Blueline tilefish feed on bottom creatures, such as crabs, shrimp, snails, worms, sea urchins and small fish.
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