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Poor a little menhaden oil into your running live well. As the water is circulated back out of the system it will create a slick that will attract predatory fish.

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Predatory fish go crazy for an injured bait fish. Before putting a live bait in the water, whack it on the gunwale to stun it. The erratic behavior will entice more strikes.

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Instead of attaching your planer to your rod line, secure it to an aft cleat with heavy monofilament and drop it over. Next hook a number 2 paper clip to the planer line and then to your fishing line. Put the rod in free spool and the paper clip will work to the end of the planer line. On strike the paper clip will bend and release your fishing lin...

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To prevent braid line from slipping on the reel, first put a short but wide rubber band or two on the reel. Next spool up as usual. The braid will dig into the rubber band and stay put.

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Tired of expensive lures slipping off the line when an unexpected toothy critter cuts your mono? Putting a crimp or knot between your lure and beads will sometimes catch the lure if the hook is taken off.

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Take a short piece of PVC pipe and run your bumper line through a hole drilled in it. Tie off the bumper and drop the PVC into a rod holder. Quick and easy bumper deployment at the right height every time.

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Take a piece of pipe insulation and wrap it around any bar on your boat. Wire tie it in place and you have a great place to hook lures and other rigs for quick access.

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Dip your lures in menhaden oil to give them a more life like appeal.

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Check your boat's VHF, if it is DSC compatible register for you free Maritime Mobile Service Identity number. Your MMSI is a unique number that registers boat and owner information in the U.S. Coast Guard's national distress database for use in emergency situations. Your MMSI number is transmitted when you make a distress call. For more information...

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If you are new to boating, or just in a new area and worried about hitting bottom, follow a bigger boat. If it stops fast, you stop fast.

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