Fishing Tips

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If you want to get your live bait to swim lower, cut off the lower half of their tail fin. They will swim down more.

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To tie off to a pilling in a strong current, start by moving into the current until your bow is just past the pilling. Toss a long rope with a fender tied to the other end well past the pilling and drift back. The fender will carry the rope back. Catch it and tie off.

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If you like to pull a dredge or spreader bar, try attaching it to your down rigger cable. This makes for quick recovery and doesn't tie up a rod holder.

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If you rig with stingers try this to allow for various sizes of bait fish. Tie or crimp your stinger hook to the line. Next put a crimp at the beginning of the expected size range. Slip your hook on and then put a crimp at the end of the range. Your front hook can move between the two crimps to fit the bait.

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When site fishing, trolling, or just moving around in a boat try to keep the sun to your back. The glare from the sun will make it extremely difficult to see fish if you don't.

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If you are planning to release a fish handle it as little as possible. Fish have a slime coating that protects them from disease, human contact can remove the slime and leave the fish vulnerable. Wetting your hands or wearing gloves also helps.

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Always net a fish head first. It is easier on the fish and they can't swim backwards.

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If practicing release fishing use heavier tackle. The shorter fight will leave the fish in better shape to recover.

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Ever pull an anchor up a couple hundred feet? Try an anchor ball.

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Anchoring on a spot in strong wind or current is tricky. A sea anchor can help create drag and make the task easier. If you don't have a sea anchor a large bucket and rope will work.

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