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Birmingham Fishing Reports

Check out the latest fishing reports in Birmingham to find out what's biting!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Chris on 3/23/2024 11:30:00 AM • Views (77)
The crappie bite is hot........

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 1/29/2024 • Views (210)
The bass fishing at Logan Martin is excellent at the moment. From interstate 20 down river the lake is clearing up and the fish are positioning in their usual prespawn areas. Gravel bars and chunk rock banks leading into spawning areas with deep water access are where I am catching the fish right now. I am catching about 15 fish per day with the...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 6/5/2023 • Views (181)
I have guided on Logan Martin twice recently and we have caught them good deep and shallow. With bright sun and current the ledge bite is pretty consistent. Our best baits out on the ledges were a Carolina rig and a big crankbait. Early mornings and in low light conditions with no current we stayed shallow with a buzzbait and spinnerbait and were...

By Seamus on 4/11/2023 7:08:49 PM • Views (188)
Logan Martin  The months of March and April are my two favorite months to fish on Logan Martin. Warmer and longer days during these months have the fish on the move from their wintertime living quarters to their spawning areas. Typically in March the fish are mainly in their pre-spawn mood. The fish are feeding […] The post Catchin’ the Coosa Marc...

By Seamus on 4/11/2023 7:07:50 PM • Views (79)
Logan Martin Logan Martin in the winter can be your best chance to catch the biggest bass in the lake. The water temperatures usually vary this time of year but here are a few ways I approach Logan Martin to catch the bass of the year and maybe a lifetime! Typically when you read any […] The post Catchin’ the Coosa January 2023 appeared first on Z...

By dgilmer11 on 3/31/2023 11:00:00 AM • Views (93)
Largemouth caught on retaining wall

By Seamus on 9/15/2022 1:29:09 PM • Views (71)
Logan Martin As we move into the fall of year there will be a lot of changes taking place day to day on the Coosa River. As the days shorten and those cool autumn nights start to roll in the fish begin to make their moves. A couple things start to happen. First the shad […] The post Catchin’ the Coosa appeared first on Zeke Gossett Fishing.

By Seamus on 7/11/2022 1:58:01 PM • Views (56)
Logan Martin The months of July and August can be hot but so can the fishing if you look in the right places. The water temperatures are normally in the mid-80s to low 90s but this is good thing sometimes and here’s why. Bass have a high metabolism and they have to eat more this […] The post Catchin’ the Coosa appeared first on Zeke Gossett Fishin...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 7/1/2022 • Views (363)
I guided at Logan Martin yesterday and my first objective is to always get a ledge bite going. Well that didn't happen. Thankfully we started the morning with a topwater and put a solid limit in the boat. The next pattern I checked was brushpiles and we were able to get a lot of bites doing that however we were unable to upgrade the fish we c...

By Seamus on 5/9/2022 6:23:54 PM • Views (104)
Logan Martin  The months of May and June on Logan Martin can sometimes leave fish in a post-spawn funk but maybe these tips can help you catch a few more bass during this time frame. In early May you can find shad spawns early in the morning. You’re going to find shad spawning around docks […] The post Catchin’ the Coosa appeared first on Zeke Gos...

By Guntersville FIshing Charter on 5/5/2022 • Views (488)
Wow what a lake. We landed 50 today and got bit on every stop. At daylight there is a major shad spawn and we had fish blowing up all around us. We caught them on a spook,spinnerbait and jerkbait. Then when the sun got bright we were able to catch quite a few fish on plastics and jigs. When Alabama power got some current rolling the fis...

By Seamus on 2/20/2022 12:26:00 PM • Views (49)
Logan Martin The months of March and April can be the most fun months of the year on Logan Martin. Fish are on the move staging and getting ready to spawn or they are already spawning. Fishing staging areas for bass on Logan Martin this time of year are the keys to success. These areas […] The post Catchin’ The Coosa appeared first on Zeke Gossett...

By MichaelH on 10/17/2018 • Views (578)
since hurricane Michael, fishing has been spotty. The water temperature has been higher than normal. I haven't been able to hook up to much. We have tried live bait and artificial from the inshore rigs all the way out to the 15mile rigs, including The Point.

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