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Lewis Smith Lake Fishing Reports

Check out the latest fishing reports in Lewis Smith Lake to find out what's biting!

Latest Fishing Reports

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 5/2/2024 9:39:47 AM • Views (101)
Fishing on Lake Guntersville: An Adventure Amidst Changing Climates Fishing on Lake Guntersville is invariably an adventure for anglers and this past late April was no exception. The month threw everything conceivable at us—except actual snowfall although some mornings felt chillingly close to it. The painful winds that accompanied the last cold f...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 4/15/2024 5:12:40 PM • Views (188)
As we find ourselves in the throes of mid-April it’s evident that Mother Nature is sending us mixed signals. The sudden onset of fierce winds paired with unpredictable fronts has shaped an intriguing scenario for those with a rod and reel in hand. This atmospheric shuffle appears to have worked in favor of bass fishermen […] The post LAKE GUNTERSV...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 4/2/2024 4:36:11 PM • Views (39)
It seems the Big G took my previous comments to heart as it put on a dazzling display for our clients offering up an impressive selection of bass including some sizeable specimens. The improvement in weather conditions also played a part invigorating the fish to the point where their bites were forceful enough to challenge […] The post MADNESS OF...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 3/26/2024 11:39:19 AM • Views (147)
How About Them Winds! Indeed the winds have been particularly fierce with gusts that seem to cut right through you. The cold fronts turned out to be a tad more powerful than we had braced for. Consequently our activities were scant last week marked by a string of reschedules. But who could fault anyone for […] The post MADNESS OF MARCH WEEK 3 firs...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 3/19/2024 2:05:20 PM • Views (155)
Lake Guntersville has witnessed a whirlwind of seasonal changes since our last fishing report. Amidst the dance of the elements Mother Nature seems to be playing a strategic game attempting to stave off the bass from entering their spawning phase. Nevertheless a few determined individuals have boldly begun to tidy their spawning grounds motivated...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 3/12/2024 4:49:18 PM • Views (167)
Exciting Times at Lake Guntersville with the Arrival of Big Bass The recent days at Lake Guntersville have been nothing but exciting especially for those who take pleasure in the pursuit of big bass. Each day seems to promise new rewards as these sizable fish are routinely arriving to the spots we frequent for fishing. […] The post MADNESS OF MARC...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 3/4/2024 5:29:42 PM • Views (37)
The Madness Of March is upon us marking a pinnacle moment for anglers everywhere. As the season shifts so does the behavior of the fish particularly the coveted big females. They’re in their pre-spawn phase voraciously feeding and staging up offering the perfect opportunity for you to set new personal records. The renowned Lake Guntersville […] Th...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 2/26/2024 5:56:42 PM • Views (68)
Guntersville Poised for Spectacular Fish Spawn – Ideal Conditions on the Horizon Anglers and nature enthusiasts alike have every reason to anticipate a thriving and robust spawn thanks to Mother Nature’s favorable playbook. With everything aligning just right Guntersville may very well witness one of the most impressive spawning events in recent m...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 2/18/2024 12:32:56 PM • Views (98)
Lake Guntersville Is Looking Pretty Good With A Lot Of Healthy Bass Swimming Around! We had the Toyota Series here last week and we had decent weather for a change seems like every time this tournament comes along we get some major weather event. This time we had some rain before it and it did […] The post Toyota Series Recap Lake Guntersville fir...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 2/3/2024 1:27:39 PM • Views (190)
Guntersville 2024 the pre-spawn bite is looking great after having some ice on the lake knocking some shad down the bass have been feeding nicely and are getting fat. The lake appears to be really healthy. We have a lot of bass now and some really big ones. Still a lot of Hydrilla and of […] The post Guntersville Pre-Spawn 2024 first appeared on G...

By Brian Conner on 2/1/2024 11:19:59 AM • Views (67)

By Brian Conner on 2/1/2024 11:19:59 AM • Views (24)

By Brian Conner on 1/21/2024 2:28:00 PM • Views (18)

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 10/23/2023 10:47:02 AM • Views (187)
Guntersville Has Shifted Some Timing Around. September was the best September I can remember we some really nice bass and plenty of bites. Now in October we are paying for that? Or did what we normally get in September is now here? Water Temps are now down in mid 60s and the water is clear […] The post Guntersville Fishing Report 10/23/23 first ap...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 9/26/2023 10:56:05 AM • Views (177)
September On Lake Guntersville Has Been Fun! Water Temps Are Slowly Dropping The Days Are Comfortable & The Big Bass Have Been Biting! That’s Is If You Happen To Be Fishing Gal. The Ladies Have Been Getting The Big Bits This Month! Water Temps are between 76-79 and clarity has been 2-3 feet Several ways […] The post Guntersville Fishing September...

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 8/5/2023 5:12:25 PM • Views (134)
This Week Has Been Great Fishing With The Big Bass Biting Very Well! The feeding windows are staying consistent and the baits have changed some but it’s been fun keeping up with them.. Had a 5th grader (Blake) out fish his dad this week he had 8 cast in a row where he caught […]

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 7/30/2023 3:12:09 PM • Views (79)
It’s Been Hot Here On Guntersville The Heat Has Been Up There Too. We’ve Been Seeing Some Good Bass Here Lately. The feeding windows are still happening and the baits haven’t changed to much. The Crappie have been biting good as well and still a blast even in this heat. Water Temps 86 up to […]

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 7/16/2023 9:01:54 PM • Views (132)
Summer Time Is Here On Lake Guntersville. The Bass Have Been Biting In Windows And The Crappie Are Biting Through Out The Day. Water Temps are Creeping Up to 87-90 On Hotter Days. Clarity Is Mixed Through Out It Just Depends Which Part Of The Lake You’re On. The bass are starting to get on […]

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 7/4/2023 10:04:51 PM • Views (56)
Happy 4th To Everyone! Guntersville Bass Have Been Eating Well! It’s Been Fun. Being able to catch them shallow and deep. Having these kind of options is great with our floating eel grass issue. Crappie have been a blast the past few weeks. Numbers and size has been the story. This picture below says […]

By Guntersvile Bass Guides on 6/19/2023 5:25:37 PM • Views (66)
Guntersville Is Still Showing Why It’s A Special Place. Numbers Are Still Really Good And The Quality Is Good As Well. Our Captains Have Been Keeping Up With The Bass! The Lures And Depths Have Not Been Disclosed At This Time. Water Temps 84 water clarity 2-4 feet Capt. Scott’s last trip landed 40 […]

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