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Scaled Sardine

Species Information

Scientific Name:Harengula jaguana
Environment:Inshore, Nearshore
Ideal Temp:
Technique:Bottom Fishing
Lure Type:Bottom Rig
World Record:
Other Names:scaled sardine, pilchard

The Scaled Sardine, Harengula jaguana, is a herring-like fish in the family Clupeidae. It is native to coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, from the Gulf of Mexico (where it is known as the pilchard.

It has a solid back with dark streaks and usually a small dark spot at the upper edge of the gill plate and sometimes one located at the shoulder. It grows up to 8 inches (20 cm) in length but typically is little more than half that size. It is a fast-growing species, living only 12 to 18 months.

Most are found in coastal waters, inshore and nearshore. The spawn offshore. They can usually be caught with strings of wire loops known as minnow rings, sabiki rigs, or by cast netting and make excellent bait. Key predators for scaled sardines are Sailfish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Little Tunny, Gag Grouper, Bluefish, Jacks, Yellowfin Tuna and Bluefin Tuna.

Latest Scaled Sardine Fishing Reports and Spots

Warm winter - 2/6/2023 7:35:12 AM

With January being such a warm month water temperatures had pushed back into the mid 60s bringing a push of white bait AKA scaled sardines and (View)

Cooler waters – more species - 10/23/2022 8:05:46 AM

The water has cooled down with the recent fronts in the clearwater/Stpete FL. Bait has been plentiful with scaled sardines threadfin shad ladyf (View)

Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:14:03 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:13:20 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:08:50 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:07:23 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:05:45 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:05:12 PM


Scaled Sardine - 7/13/2022 1:05:08 PM


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