Greater Amberjack

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Greater Amberjack

Species Information

Scientific Name:Seriola dumerili
Common Names:amberjack, AJs, reefdonkey, reef donkey
Environment:Nearshore, Offshore
Ideal Temp:65-75°F (18-23°C)

About Greater Amberjack

The greater amberjack is a jack of the genus Seriola. It is found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian coasts. It is the largest genus in the Carangidae family. It is a fast-swimming pelagic fish with similar habits to the kingfish. 

The greater amberjack often have a distinctive olive colored bar from the snout through the eye, to the beginning of the dorsal fin and a broad amber colored stripe running horizontally along the flanks. The amber stripe often causes anglers to confuse this species with the yellowtails. However, the greater amberjack can be distinguished from other related species by the gill raker count; greater amberjack over 8 inches long have only 11 16 developed gill rakers on the lower limb of the first branchial arch (the count may be higher in smaller specimens), whereas yellowtails have 21 28.

Greater amberjack are an offshore species associated with rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks.  They are typically in 60 - 240 feet of water and sometimes caught nearshore.  Juveniles are associated with floating objects and may occur in water less than 30 feet deep.

The greater amberjack is a powerful hunter which feeds on other fish and invertebrates. The greater amberjack is prized by sports fisherman because it is a very powerful fish and can be quite large, even as much as 70 kg. It is an excellent eating fish. It is also a big-game fish and are one of the greatest fighting fish pound for pound.

It strikes fast, fights hard and often dives for the bottom. Fishing methods include trolling near the surface with lures, spoons, plugs, jigs or strip baits, and also live bait fishing. Many incidental catches of amberjack are made while fishing the bottom for snappers and groupers.

Greater Amberjack Fishing

World Record:71.15 kg (156 lb 13 oz) Iki Island, Nagasaki, Japan
# Fish Caught:86910 documented in database.
Earliest Record:1/1/1830 12:00:00 AM and located at 27.83860, -97.04419.
Latest Record:3/5/2024 11:10:00 AM and located at 28.15428, -82.76440.
Common Techniques:Bottom Fishing, Casting, Chunking, Jigging
Popular Lure Types:Bottom Rig, Jigs, Plugs, Spoons
Fishing Spots:1841 Greater Amberjack fishing spots.

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