Species Information

Scientific Name:Ophiodon elongatus
Environment:Inshore, Nearshore, Offshore, Surf
Ideal Temp:36-54°F (2-12°C)
Technique:Bottom Fishing, Jigging
Lure Type:Bottom Rig, Jigs
World Record:37.45 kg (82 lb 9 oz) Gulf of Alaska, Homer, Alaska, USA
Other Names:Cultus cod, lingcod, ling cod, ling-cod, blue cod, green cod, buffalo cod, white cod

Ophiodon elongatus is native to the west coast of North America, from the Shumagin Islands in the Gulf of Alaska to Baja California, Mexico. Highest densities are found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

They are found on the bottom, with most individuals occupying rocky areas at depths of 10 to 100 m (32 to 328 feet). Starting in October, lingcod migrate to nearshore spawning grounds. The males migrate first, and establish nest sites in strong current areas in rock crevices or on ledges. Spawning takes place between December and March, and females leave the nest site immediately after depositing eggs. Males actively defend the nest from predators until the eggs hatch in early March through late April.
Lingcod are voracious predators, feeding on nearly anything they can fit in their mouths, including invertebrates and many species of fish, such as herring, Clupea harengus, salmon and Pacific hake, Merluccius productus. One of their favorite foods are smaller octopuses, and they will also readily devour large rockfish.

The lingcod is a popular eating fish, and is thus prized by anglers. Though not closely related to either ling or cod, the name "lingcod" originated because it somewhat resembles those fish. The lingcod's flesh is sometimes blue-green prior to cooking.



Latest Lingcod Fishing Reports and Spots

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April 18 - 4/19/2022 7:26:56 PM

Jurassic Park today with clear skies and calm seas. The lingcod were biting today! Managed to keep five nice lingcod and a ton of nice sized ro (View)

April 3 - 4/3/2022 7:26:59 PM

Our firstJurassic Park trip of the season and was great! 40+ pacific snapper and some lingcod. Happy campers. Emma was our highliner and John w (View)

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January 1 thru March 31 - 1/8/2022 11:26:46 AM

Our fishing season is closed until April 1st when it reopens for rockcod and lingcod. April 2 salmon season reopens. We are taking reservations (View)

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