Fishing Prediction

Based on historical data, you should target one of the following species:
 Red Drum (22.93%)
 Summer Flounder (20.59%)
 Sheepshead (11.54%)
 Sailfish (6.71%)
 Black Drum (5.3%)
 Atlantic Tarpon (4.06%)
 Red Snapper (3.28%)
 Blue Marlin (2.5%)
 Cobia (2.34%)
 Spanish Mackerel (2.03%)
 King Mackerel (1.25%)
 Florida Pompano (1.25%)
 Snook (1.09%)
 Greater Amberjack (1.09%)
 Chinook Salmon (0.94%)
 Bluefish (0.94%)
 Great Barracuda (0.94%)
 Bonefish (0.78%)
 Rainbow Trout (0.78%)
 Striped Bass (0.62%)
 Wahoo (0.62%)
 Shortbill Spearfish (0.62%)
 Largemouth Bass (0.47%)
 Grey Triggerfish (0.47%)
 Yellowfin Tuna (0.47%)
 Black Marlin (0.47%)
 Mako Shark (0.47%)
 Mutton Snapper (0.31%)
 Cod (0.31%)
 Coho Salmon (0.31%)
 Spotted Seatrout (0.31%)
 Blue Shark (0.31%)
 Greater Hammerhead (0.31%)
 Bluefin Tuna (0.31%)
 Snowy Grouper (0.31%)
 Walleye (0.16%)
 Spiny Dogfish (0.16%)
 Mahi-mahi (0.16%)
 Roosterfish (0.16%)
 Striped Marlin (0.16%)
 Atlantic Croaker (0.16%)
 Blue Catfish (0.16%)
 Black Crappie (0.16%)
 Whiting (0.16%)
 Vermilion Snapper (0.16%)
 Skipjack Tuna (0.16%)
 Halibut (0.16%)
 Lingcod (0.16%)
 Pollock (0.16%)
 Muskie (0.16%)
 Blueline Tilefish (0.16%)
 Yellowedge Grouper (0.16%)
 Swordfish (0.16%)
 Tautog (0.16%)

Recommended Colors

Based on the time of day, season, weather, and water color, we recommend the following:
Pink is your primary color. We recommend trying a Light Pink or Light Pink/White colored lure. Alternatively, you can try: Light Red, Light Red/White, or Pink/Light Red colored lures. If all else fails, here are some other options: Light Orange, Light Orange/White, or Red/Light Orange colored lures. You can use Silver spoons, spinnerbaits, or trim for on the lures. For extra effect, try a lure with a chartruse or flourescent colored tail.

Recommended Lures

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About the Fishing Prediction

Our Fishing Prediction is based on the solunar calendar. Currently, our algorithm computes the "score" for each minute and hour of the day, based on many different variables, such as:
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Moon rise
  • Moon set
  • 3 days before and after New Moon
  • 3 days before and after Full Moon

We use fishing reports submitted by our users to predict fish migration and predict target species. Please help by contributing your fishing reports!

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