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  • Jeff Smith
  • City: Hatteras
  • State: North Carolina
  • Country: United States
  • Postal Code:
  • Website:
xfernal Malchace
"In early April of 1942, Malchace was transiting alone carrying a load of soda ash from Baton Rouge, La., to Hopewell, N.J. Disaster struck in the early morning hours on April 9, when U-160 attacked the unarmed Malchace. The ship was struck by a torpedo on the port side, just forward of the number four hold. The captain, Henry F. Magnusdal, ordered all engines stopped. While the crew began to assess the damage, U-160surfaced and circled the ship before sending a second torpedo into Malchace's port side just aft of the number three hold. The explosion blew a hole in the bulkhead, and the engine room quickly flooded. After the second torpedo strike, the captain ordered the crew to abandon ship. All but one of the 29 crewmembers made it safely to the lifeboats. Within a few hours, Malchace sank. As the survivors were rowing towards the shore in the still dark morning, they witnessed the explosion and resulting fir
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  • Biography:  I love fishing at Hatteras!
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