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Guntersvile Bass Guides

Guntersvile Bass Guides

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Guntersvile Bass Guides Lake Guntersville 2.27.17
Lake Guntersville The Big G GVILLE she has a lot of names and as she should. A fishery like her is one of a kind with Florida Strain Bass and Fronts this place will keep you on your toes.  This past week was anything but boring, from catching really big bass to catching their offspring we had the best week for 2017. You can tell its spring time and what I mean is on day you'll catch big momma's all day and the very next day in the same area you catch big momma's teenagers and most of them are white or yellowish white, these bass are steadily moving in to spawning areas.. Yes in February we seen temps as high as 80 degrees and water temps as high as 64 so its the natural thing for these bass to start to prep for the spawn... Heck I seen pollen blowing out of trees on Friday. So Madness Of March is upon us.  The Bass have been liking a lipless crank baits and to the point of digging the hooks out of the crushers. We have been keeping the boat 8 feet o
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