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moestu1 2018 Lake Tawakoni Fishing Report by Guide Andrew Taylor
We like to share our year-end thoughts on Fishing Lake Tawakoni each year as a reference tool.  We like to look back on our fishing logs and see what the weather and water temperatures were throughout the year.  Our 2018 season was record-breaking busy and we put clients on personal bests for Striped Bass and Blue Catfish! For more information please follow the 2018 Lake Tawakoni Year-End Fishing Report.
moestu1 Top Five Hybrid Striper Lures on Lake Lewisville
Lake Lewisville Hybrid Lures-Top 5 Lake Lewisville is a fantastic DFW Metroplex Hybrid Striper and White Bass fishery!  Often overlooked, but the metropolitan impoundment holds some quality Hybrid Striper and White Bass!  The Top Five Hybrid Striper Lures are: 1- Slab Spoons 2-A-Rigs 3- Tail spinners 4- Paddle Tail Swimbaits 5- Horse Head Jigs For more information please follow Lake Lewisville Hybrid Striper.
moestu1 Modifying Striper Fishing Lures
If you Striper Fish Lake Texoma you understand how much angling pressure the impoundment receives.  Lake Texoma Striped Bass see a lot of lures and sometimes a modification will make the difference between a good day and a poor day!  Modifying Striper Fishing Lures can put more and bigger fish in the net on Lake Texoma!   Modifying Striper Fishing Lures-Lake Texoma  Try adding 3D eyes to your swimbait jig heads to make your lure look like a threadfin or gizzard shad!  3D eyes are a quick and easy way to put more striper in the net!  You should also add a dressed treble hook to your slab spoons!  The extra flash will induce reaction strikes.  Click HERE for more information!
moestu1 Texas Striper Guides Favorite Lures
 If you striper fish North Texas Lakes, do you wonder what lures the guides are using?  I had the same thoughts, so I called some of my Striper Guide buddies in North Texas!  Do Texoma Striper Guides throw swimbaits?  If so what style and on what type of jig head?  What kind of slab spoons do Lake Lavon Guides use to catch limits of White Bass?  What weight and color do Lavon Guides like?  How about all those Lake Tawakoni fishing Guides?  Do they like tail spinners for Striper and White Bass?  What color and weight of tail spinners.  Do Tawakokoni Guides throw Big Flutter Spoons?  Where do Tawakoni Striper Guides buy Silk Chartreuse Sassy Shad?  How about Underspin Jig Heads and bucktail jigs?  Follow Striper Fishing Lures for more information!  
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