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Strickly Fishing Charters

Strickly Fishing Charters

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Strickly Fishing Charters Fishing Forecast for Pensacola Florida 02-06-19
With Spring quickly approaching lets talk about what Pensacola Florida fishing charters have to offer for the future. For February and March we can expect sheepshead, black drum, redfish, and trout for our inshore charters. Most of these fish will be caught on live shrimp or other type of crab/shrimp. The majority of the time we fish for these species we are looking for deep water structure and a swift current to drift fish these areas. All of these fish are great fighters and absolutely great table fare! On our deep sea fishing charters we can expect a lot of vermilion snappers, also triggerfish will open March 1st! Both of these fish are great eating! We can also catch some amberjacks and other larger snappers for catch and release due to their season not being open. These fish are a lot of fun and will give you the fight of a lifetime! With warmer temperatures and Spring Break on the way now is the time to book your fishing charters for the Month of March! Please visit our Charte
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