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Fishing Headquarters Great Fort Lauderdale Fishing This Week
Nice catch of dolphin and wahoo on our Ft Lauderdale sportfishing charter. What awesome fishing we’re having in Fort Lauderdale this week.  The action is great after a storm like we’ve just had.  Lots of debris in the water, very few boats out there fishing and lots of fish in the water.  This week, dolphin are the hot ticket.  Mahi-mahi dolphin are biting really good out there.  We’re hitting them in the 250-350ft of water range, which is the inside edge of the Gulfstream, just outside the reef.  If they aren’t there, they are also being found along the first weedline as you head offshore, usually another mile or so further out in 500-600ft of water.  We’ve had some great trips this week where we’ve just nailed the dolphin.  I attribute this to the greater concentration of logs, tree branches and other debris floating it’s way northward fr
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