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Fishing Headquarters Great Summertime Action on Our Ft Lauderdale Fishing Charters
Great catch of bonitos and kingfish on our drift fishing trip aboard the Catch My Drift. The action is astounding on our fishing trips this week.  The bonito run in full force as they charge through our waters in tremendous numbers.  Bonitos are in the same family of fish as tuna and they have all their same traits of aggressiveness, super strength and frenzied feeding.    The sheer number of bonitos that we catch this month and next is staggering.  Kingfish are snapping also.  They are mixed in with the bonitos.  Kings swim in the same waters and feed on the same diet that bonitos do.  Blackfin tunas are also biting good these days and are the third most prevalent fish on the reefs.  All 3 legs of that tripod are making up the majority of our catches this month and are providing great action on our Ft Lauderdale fishing charters. Nice kingfish caught by this fisher gal on our sportfishin
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